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Many women experience unintentional results of work and delivery that result in effective short- or long-term results to their health.


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Contraceptive Pill

useful way of birth control with a progress rate

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Morning After Pill

work essentially by slowing or stopping ovulation

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Cystitis Treatment

The common treatment for bacterial cystitis is antibiotics

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Period Delay

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Womenrx is covering some of the most complex challenges to health care delivery we’ve analyzed. Abortion access is on the path.

Why is this abortion service needed?

A secure abortion service preserves the life and health of people if they undergo an unwanted pregnancy. This abortion service assumes pregnant people to make understanding and well-informed decisions concerning their bodies. The World Health Organization maintains a record of the number of abortions globally. Womenrx strives to support individuals to accomplish the WHO’s guideline of health that defines Health is a state of entire mental, physical and social welfare and not only the absence of disease or infirmity.” Abortion access is a human right, necessary healthcare, and medical abortion pills are classified as necessary medications by the WHO.

Is an abortion with pills safe?

Medical abortion in the initial trimester (12 weeks) is >98% efficient. It involves a safe method with fewer risks of complexities. These risks are the equivalent of while an individual has a regular failure and can simply be treated by a physician. Besides, medical care involves vacuum aspiration or prescription for a continuing pregnancy or an inadequate abortion. Medical abortion is more reliable than childbirth and the treatment of penicillin, antibiotics, or Viagra. In nations where childbirth is maintained, 1 in every 15.000 women dies throughout childbirth. The risk of deadly anaphylaxis with penicillin has been considered to be approximately 1 in 100 000.

Is it legal?

In many countries, there is no violation of customs laws when you get the pills at your home address. Customs laws allow individuals to get prescribed medicines for personal use. It is not allowed to get bulk quantities of medicines by mail for business use without an import and shipping license. When a shipment is delivered to your country there is a chance that your package may be subjected to import taxes. In that situation, you will be contacted by the courier agency. This is a regular procedure. To get the package, you may be expected to pay import duty, give an invoice and a prescription.

What is an abortion with pills?

Abortion with pills is a non-surgical outcome of a pregnancy. The most reliable, efficient kind of medical abortion entails the treatment of two various pills. These medicines termed Mifepristone and Misoprostol, make the spontaneous removal of the pregnancy through the uterus. Mifepristone prevents the hormone progesterone, which is needed to provide a pregnancy. Without this hormone, the adjunct of a fertilized egg to the uterine wall is disturbed, and the uterus contracts. Misoprostol improves contractions and serves to discharge the products of conception within the uterus. Medical abortion is very effective and safe. The effects involve prolonged menstrual-like bleeding and cramping.

When should you not take medicines?

You should not take medicines for the reasons such as someone is pressuring you to stop your pregnancy; you are not assured about desiring to terminate your pregnancy; if you have an allergy to Mifepristone, Misoprostol, or prostaglandins; You have any of the following diseases: Hemorrhagic disorders or bleeding disorders/diseases, Chronic adrenal failure, Inherited porphyries; if you have an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy outside the womb), You can’t go to a hospital or clinic in an hour; You are lonely, You should ask a partner or someone you trust to stay with you while you take the pills.

When will you start bleeding and how long will it endure?

Mifepristone alone normally does not cause any side effects before using Misoprostol, therefore some women may undergo slight bleeding or nausea. Later taking Misoprostol, you should presume bleeding and cramps. Bleeding normally begins within four hours of using the pills, yet it sometimes begins later. For some people, the bleeding and cramping and additional side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, and hot flashes, or fever may befall soon after using Misoprostol. Bleeding is frequently the initial indication that the abortion has occurred. If the abortion lasts, bleeding and cramps grow more critical.

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Womenrx is covering some of the most complex challenges to health care delivery we’ve analyzed. Abortion access is on the path.

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