Written by Anya Charlotte
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Anya Charlotte

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Anya Charlotte

Several people end up working out during their menstrual cycle, while others avoid the same. It becomes necessary that one does have enough of an idea about the same and knows the types of activities that can be performed during this period. 

The benefit of performing workouts during menstruation

When it comes to the monthly cycle, engaging in those physical actions is the last option. In general, there are several myths and it becomes necessary that those are taken care of. The major reason behind recommending females engage in those actions is because it releases endorphins which are likely to reduce depression, pain, and anxiety. 

Here are a few exercises that women can consider performing while they have periods. 

Gentle stretching and balancing

Yoga is one of the best activities that help to relax your muscle and decreases pain and cramps. One can consider practicing stretching muscles that help to decline pain and cramps. Though you might feel awkward initially, you definitely are likely to feel relaxed later.

Light cardio

This is a basic exercise and one need not think about it as a stressful event. As mentioned, ‘light’, swimming, cycling, and jogging can be carried out, or anything else that is shorter than the normal workout can be performed. 


This is the simplest activity that can be taken up by any person. It simply means one need not have access to any special equipment, location, or clothing. You can simply adjust your speed and enjoy the walk to sweat. 

Strength training

Well, we don’t promote strenuous workout, therefore, if you find yourself capable enough to lift weights, you can enjoy it. Avoid lifting any weight that puts too much stress on your lower abdomen. 

Things to avoid 

Now that you know which activities can be taken up, one needs to know about the actions that are to be avoided.

  • Sometimes listening to your body becomes necessary and therefore, you need to consider avoid performing any activities that cause pain or discomfort. 
  • Inversion-type yoga poses are to be avoided as certain studies say that the ligaments that support the uterus to stretch and the veins that carry blood are compressed. Therefore, one needs to be concerned about the poses that are performed. 
  • Performing strenuous exercise is not necessary and hence, one needs to know the limits that should be followed to indulge in activities. A workout for more than 60 minutes is likely to cause exercise-induced inflammation. 
  • While engaging in any sort of workout, choose comfortable clothing. 
  • Choosing tampons proves to be beneficial as this helps to avoid the leakage that occurs. 
  • If you’re nearing to end your periods, engaging in strenuous moments is likely to cause spotting.