Written by Mike George
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Mike George

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Mike George

Also, this allows us to stay away from infections that take a toll on health in a long run.

Whenever cycles are discussed the few things that are in mind are fatigue, cramps, bleeding, pads, and tampons. Well, a lot of inconveniences are experienced by females who belong to the working class, and finding a product that benefits and makes them comfortable is less.

Hence, it becomes necessary that females are aware of the products that are on the shelf and benefit them in a long run.

The most commonly known products that are used include pads and tampons, but do you know there are a few other products that can be used during the menstrual cycle?

Period underwear

Well, this might sound weird but there are such products that are used by a couple of females to deal with the uncomfortableness during the cycles. These undies are made with absorbable material that absorbs the blood flow and this can be pulled on several times.

The best thing is one can re-wear and re-wash them to avoid the hassle. 

Reusable pads

Most females find it awkward to insert anything in the vagina and hence, it becomes necessary that one does follow the right guidelines to enhance health. Well, women are recommended to not use anything that can let the micro-organism grow and hamper their health. Hence there is something known as reusable pads and this is a good option to explore. It is a cloth pad placed on the crotch of undies and it can be used for 6 hours. These products can be reused by washing them.

The manufacturing is done considering the different levels of flow and hence one can learn about the sizes and other factors available.

Menstrual discs

Well, this is a similar concept to cups and they can be inserted into your vagina. The difference between both factors is, the cup sits below your cervix and the disc sits above it. This means females can come across mess-free periods and the amazing thing is, it can be used for 12 hours and is disposable. If you’re planning to try it, be cautious that replenishing them is expensive.

Menstrual cups

After pads and tampons, this is one of the most common and popular instruments that help during periods. It is a silicone cup inserted in the genitals and collects the blood flow for 6-12 hours. When it is full, simply clean, it and reinsert it. It is easy to use, affordable and sustainable. On other hand, females need to know the use should be done cautiously.

Your reproductive health plays an important role in your well-being and therefore one needs to consider using any product cautiously.

Using anything during periods is not recommended, use only the product that helps to minimize the risk of infection.