Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

Though there are lot of discussions taking place, there are various other things that should be known. 

Here are the few basic things that are to be cleared. 

 1. We always have ‘that time of the month’

Your period is an announcement, you’re not pregnant. This doesn’t mean missing them or having irregularity is likely to conclude you’ve conceived. Menstruation is a window when a woman does bleed, but the cycle is the entire time from day one of your period to the next one.  Although females are said, this cycle is of 28 days, it differs depending upon the human body and other factors. Hence, the cycle is somewhere between 28-35 days or it can be shorter than the mentioned time. Usually, situations such as travel, stress, diet, and lifestyle changes cause an impact. 

2. The pain experienced is similar to any other agony experienced

Don’t you dare to compare headaches with menstruation pain!

Headaches or bumping into sharp corners is not the pain we are talking about. Women who end up having periods are likely to come across the throbbing agony that requires one to take off from the work or stick to the bed. Those pinching cramps are likely to make you not perform the activities smoothly. 

3. Periods blood is dirty

Well, this is not the fluid that is rejected by the body. When it comes to vaginal secretion-it is a little bit of blood, mucus lining, uterine tissue, and bacteria. To make it clear, the fluid that flows during your menstruation is a little different from the blood that flows in the veins. It has less concentrated blood cells. Though this blood is different, it isn’t dirty. 

4. They’re shameful

Even digesting the discussion concerning menstruation is difficult for a few. This is nothing gross, dirty, or shameful. This is nothing to be bothered about. Women need to discuss the tampons, pads, heavy blood flow, and the other factors that are likely to educate others about the same. Why shouldn’t we ditch the stigma concerning the cycles and the balance of hormones? They’re part of our body is ensures the risk of the cardiovascular disorder can be reduced.

5. Getting pregnant is not possible while on menstruation

Women who bleed have less chances of conceiving but no one says it has zero chances. To discuss gestation, the menstrual cycle is a time when your body prepares for releasing the eggs. When the sperms don’t reach the eggs, the shedding process begins.

If you indulge in intimate moments during periods, you need to know, that sperms do have the ability to stay active in the body for 5 days. 

6. Your menstruation should last for a week every month

Well, your body is unique and hence, you need not worry even if the window is less. Usually, they last for about 5 days, but there are chances that women do end up having them for fewer days. 

Periods are something that women shouldn’t be ashamed of. Instead, this allows women to be healthy and ensures the reproductive system functions in a good manner.