Written by Hanna Beka
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Hanna Beka

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Hanna Beka

Several options are considered to manage unwanted symptoms and improve the conditions in a smoother manner. Not only there are natural supplements that help to enhance the situation, but they’re responsible to lower the chances of menopausal symptoms too.

Before one does start consuming those remedies, it becomes necessary to know why?

Here is a satisfying answer to your question.

When it comes to regulating your menstrual cycle, females need to know ovaries are responsible for producing estrogen and progesterone which ensures smoother transitions happen. Both these hormones are responsible to improve the conditions without causing any issues. But they begin to dip, mentioned signs can be experienced by one.

  • Hot flashes
  • Fatigue
  • Breast tenderness
  • Weight gain
  • Acne
  • Hair thinning loss
  • Painful intercourse

Women can simply incorporate natural supplements and these are likely to assist them during the perimenopause period

1. Calcium

During this phase, it is common to experience a deficiency of calcium and fulfilling it becomes necessary. Besides, it is responsible for the loss of bone density, which should be replenished on time to improve the conditions. Hence, females are recommended to curate a plate that consists of 1200mg of calcium in their diet. Boosting it is possible by simply adding food like almonds, figs, tofu, seeds, sardines, beans, and lentils.

2. Vitamin E

When it comes to perimenopausal periods, one who experiences the definitely is likely to come across hot flashes. Including Vitamin E in your diet works as an antioxidant property that lowers the chances of heart disorder, depression, and weight gain to relieve stress. Ensuring that the doses of nuts, broccoli, shellfish, and nuts are included works in a beneficial manner to improve the conditions.

3. Omega-3

Omega 3 fatty acids too work like magic when it comes to treating depression, heart disorder, menopause-related issues, osteoporosis, and hot flashes. One simply needs to know the right amount of dose that is to be ingested to improve the conditions in a smoother manner.


This is a natural steroid that is secreted by glands and is available in dietary supplement form. Several times the DHEA levels are likely to the cardiovascular disorder in menopausal women. Besides the levels of it also are responsible to affect the libido. However, the tablets are made available, one needs to be aware of the side effects that they can cause.

5. Bioidentical hormones

Certain types of chemicals are released by glands and those can be produced by popping bioidentical hormone supplements. Women only need to know there is no such research claiming the exact replacement provided by hormone replacement therapy. Yet, one can try the use of this therapy after seeking the right guidance.

6. Vitamin B

Multiple vitamins are made available in medicine form and so is Vitamin B, the release of serotonin makes leaves a positive impact on depression, mood swings, and fatigue. Besides, it is one of the best methods that help to enhance red blood cell production, brain functions, and bone health.

Though those are the natural methods that help to deal with perimenopause conditions, one needs to seek assistance before considering the use.