Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

These remedies have increased with time and assist women to implement the suitable method. Abortion remedies, contraceptive measures, and reproductive health can be maintained with “The Pill”. Don’t get confused with the term, we mean the birth control pill that causes few bodily and hormonal changes.

While women are on this contraceptive’s remedies, they usually think about going off. Well, this doesn’t hamper your health much, but certain adjustments are adopted by your body. Why would on the planet will someone disrupt the smooth working process. Still, if you wish to go off the birth control pill, you need to know what happens to your body once you stop them.

Congratulations!! You’re pregnant

Yes, once these remedies are stopped, the chances that women can conceive increase. Once the measures are stopped, the body begins to ovulate again and the hormones are flushed out from the body within a few days. This instance proves you’re no longer protected from pregnancy. If pregnancy is not on your list, stopping or forgetting the use of contraceptive methods can make you pay for it.

Your periods are heavier and longer

Once the birth control pills are paused, you no longer can experience shorter or lighter periods. The bleeding experienced during the periods is heavier and longer in duration. Instead, you can experience delayed periods when you’re not on the birth control pills. Your natural menstruation track might take time to restore Right after ditching the medicaments, you might end up having a regular cycle. While the case is different for others, few females do not get the periods straight for 3 months or more. If you’re sexually active, then rush to seek assistance from an expert.

Sorry!! This isn’t an easy shedding method

Usually, females claim, the use of these remedies can make one gain excessive weight. While the fact is, one can gain a pound of weight every year. Besides, if you have experienced a huge transformation post using the contraceptive method, and haven’t shed a pound, then you need to adopt some lifestyle changes to get rid of significant weight.

Welcome the improved sexual drive

Here’s something good. Females who are on birth control pills need to complain about the reduced sexual drive. Well, the changes in hormones might cause this alteration, but once you stop the use of this remedy, you need to understand it gets restored. The improvement in libido is common, once the hormones are not alerted anymore.

At times, the dryness too gets influenced by the use of these medicines. Therefore, lubrication and vaginal discharge affect the libido.

PMS symptoms are new friends

As soon as you stop the consumption of birth control remedies, the Premenstrual syndrome symptoms experienced before using the contraceptive will return. Though the effects might not hit you soon, slowly, you begin to experience them. When you’re nearing the menstrual periods, you can experience the symptoms such as being moody, depressed, anxious, and irritable again.

Unwanted hair and acne, return.

The use of birth control remedies helps balance the hormones in women’s bodies. Once the use has refrained, all the symptoms experienced are likely to appear again. Hence, the acne, unwanted hairs, PMS, delayed periods, painful cramps, and other symptoms affect your health as the use is restricted.

The birth control pills are effective remedies to reduce the compilations related to the period and pregnancy. Yet, due to some reasons, if you’re off the recommended meds, you have to accept the alterations.