About Us

Established in 2015, Womenrx.org is a dynamic public health creative campaign initiated by a dedicated group comprising experienced public health advocates, research experts, social justice activists, and digital strategists.

Our mission: at Womenrx.org is to revolutionize abortion access in the United States and Worldwide. We aim to achieve this by promoting the self-directed choice of abortion pills through mail delivery.

Our Vision: Envisioning a future where individuals have direct control over concluding an early pregnancy, making this option accessible to anyone who requires it.

About Womenrx.org

We Work in 4 Ways

01.   Research

We engage in rigorous research to uncover and disseminate valuable insights into the methods through which individuals access abortion pills in the United States.

02.   Collaboration

We foster collaborative partnerships with healthcare providers, organizations dedicated to reproductive health and justice, as well as pioneering technology innovators who align with our transformative vision.

03.   Advocacy

Our advocacy efforts encompass advocating for universal access to abortion pills, working towards stigmatization and normalization of the contemporary choice of self-managing abortions at home.

04.   Pioneering Change

We lay the groundwork for advancing over-the-counter access to abortion pills, driving forward a future where this essential healthcare option is readily available.

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    Self Managed Abortion: Medicine of the Future?

    Self Managed Abortion: Medicine of the Future?

    Head Since Roe V. Wade was overturned last summer, it’s harder than ever to access abortion services. But it’s never been easy in the rural midwest and southern states, even when Roe was the law of the land. We sat down with staff at All Options Pregnancy Resource...

    The Supreme Court Can’t Stop Underground Abortion Networks.

    The Supreme Court Can’t Stop Underground Abortion Networks.

    A few times each month, a 10” x 15” padded FedEx envelope arrives in Mark’s mailbox in eastern Florida. He doesn’t know when the packages will arrive, only that each shipment usually contains about a dozen individual mifepristone pills and several 10-packs of...

    Who we are

    Susan Ekuri ,  MPH(She/Hers)

    Co-director and Co-founder

    Kuann Fawkes,  MPH(She/Hers)

    Co-director and Co-founder

    Our Values


    We believe that every person has the non-negotiable human right and ability to make their own choices and decisions regarding whether, when, and how to create or grow a family, and that everyone deserves unrestricted access to the rights, information, resources and support needed to care for themselves and for their families.

    Furthermore, we believe everyone deserves unrestricted access to the rights, information, resources and support needed to care for themselves and for their families. We center the value of self-determination in both our organization’s work as well as the ways in which we partner with our allies.

    We envision and encourage a reality where abortion is not in isolation but is community care, and is accessible in ways that are safe, peaceful, timely and affordable for every person.

    Through our work we strive to address the historical and ongoing oppression of individuals on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, income, age, geography and other marginalized and intersectional identities. We do this by centering these communities in our work increasing access to abortion pills, while also considering the circumstances the higher risk of criminalization and lack of general support for these communities. Further, we push back on unjust laws and criminalization of pregnant people.

    Operational values

    We enter the user.
    Our mission all the way down to specific resources and Guide materials are designed with the end user in mind, or person with capacity for pregnancy and/or seeking pills, first and foremost. This person comes before our awareness efforts, donor relations or any other relationship we cultivate.

    We are evidence-based.
    We rely on research, data, and evidence. We share resources and information based on this data, we operate with integrity and care in our priorities and our communications practices.

    We partner and act as a catalyst.
    We work interdependently and encourage progress by investing in our partners and allies to operate in their “zones of genius.” We encourage momentum within and across movements by sharing resources and expertise and encouraging intros and alliances between national, state and local partners. We continue to ground partnerships in respect, accountability, transparency and equitable sharing of power, and leverage these partnerships to positively impact communities and individual lives.

    We are member of:

    • The Los Angeles Coalition for Reproductive Justice
    • Abortion On Our Own Terms Campaign
    • Liberate Abortion
    • CA Future of Abortion Council

    Work With Us

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    Milestones Over the Years

    Founded in 2015 and led by Francine Coeytaux, MPH, Elisa Wells, MPH, and Amy Merrill, MA, Womenrx.org is under the fiscal sponsorship of the National Women’s Health Network, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.



    In the fall of 2016, coinciding with a change in administration, we launched a dedicated website aimed at sharing information about online abortion pills and self-managed abortion.

    Shortly thereafter, we noticed the emergence of online pharmacies selling "abortion kits." After conducting comprehensive research and testing, we published the Plan C Report Card, shedding light on the sources through which individuals were obtaining pills online.

    Over the subsequent three years, our website gained momentum, and both the Plan C team and its data received recognition in major global publications.

    2020 to Today

    As clinics and startups began offering telemedicine services and mailing pills, the medical community swiftly embraced new "no-test" protocols, facilitating the expansion of online abortion care.

    In response to the 2022 Dobbs decision and the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Plan C provided information on alternative avenues of access and resources for self-managed abortion. This response reflected a commitment to human rights and harm reduction amid an unprecedented erosion of rights in the US.

    "I deeply admire this initiative, and I appreciate the ray of hope it provides."

    “Womenrx.org has been a lifeline for me, and I’m now dedicated to educating high schoolers about safe sex during the summer.”

    “As a guy, I wholeheartedly support your cause. With three sisters and an incredible wife, I’ve gained valuable insights from them. My contribution is spreading these [stickers] everywhere ❤️.”