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Written by Mike George

You may or may not like your periods, the small changes in the cycle are likely to cause sleepless nights. Everyone is unique and possibly all don’t fit into one size approach. As the body functions are a bit exclusive manner, the reasons that make your menstrual window different. 

As per certain studies, women are likely to bleed for 2-7 days, and this is normal.

In case, this becomes shorter, it is a sign of concern, and one needs to know about the same. 

Here are the reasons that one should know about 

Stress levels

One of the biggest culprits of your bad health is stress and it is something that should be taken care of. the constant stress does have the ability to hamper your health. Not only does it cause minorly but leaves a major effect that makes it difficult for one to deal with. The high levels of tension are likely to shorten the length of menstruation and this is something that one should bother about. 

You’ve poor ovulation

Due to poor ovulation having a shorter period is common. When we ovulate, during the mid-cycle, it is common for the ovary to turn the follicle into a creator of progesterone. It becomes necessary that one understand that progestin turns the lining of the uterus where the eggs can get implanted. If there are no fertilized eggs, the follicle that creates progesterone dies. 

You over-exercise

Exercise is one of the important and ideal methods that helps one to stay fit, but have you ever thought that it can affect your health in a wrong manner? Well, yes, one who workout constantly and pushes oneself to the limits needs to know your body requires time to come out from the shock. Extreme workouts affect the hypothalamic-pituitary axis and if it is impacted, ovaries too get influenced. Due to this instance, the uterine lining continues to build but doesn’t shed due to disturbed estrogen levels. 

You’ve entered perimenopause

This is a phase that further leads to menopause. As women begin to age, the production of estrogen begins to slow down. This leads to shorter and lighter periods which are at times accompanied by different symptoms. Seeking assistance from a team of an expert proves to be beneficial. 

Besides the mentioned reasons, hormonal imbalance, premature ovarian failure, and PCOD are the common concerns that influence the bleeding pattern and time. Therefore, one needs to consider seeking the right help to understand the same. Also, one must be aware of when to seek assistance.