Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

While you talk about such topics, ensure you do discuss them with someone who has the right knowledge. 

Sexual drive or sexual desire is a basic term describing the want or needs to engage in a sexual session, but this gets affected? Yes, libido is influenced by the feelings a person has. Usually, the sexual desire is influenced by the increase in estrogen levels.

There are other reasons such as stress, body image, and emotional health. Besides, when estrogen levels are to be blamed, only specific consumption or phase can influence the desire to engage with your partner. 

Here are the reasons that affect the estrogen levels in female body,

Birth control pill

One of the major reasons influencing the want or need to encounter sexual intimacy is the birth control pill. Those are the pills that assist women to avoid pregnancy and ensure their periods are on the track. The consumption or use of this medicament either increases or decreases the testosterone in the body. Once the testosterone is alerted, it affects the libido in females causing no interest in the love-making sessions. 

Once you go off the pill, the sexual desire is restored. If going off the medicine is not possible, you can consider choosing other remedies that help to deal with this problem. The best method is to try some lubrication or topical creams available in the market. 

Irregular or absent menstrual periods

Usually, the menstrual cycle lasts for 24-34 days. Having a proper and regular period is an indication your hormones function properly. Irregular periods or the periods that don’t appear for 6 months are concerning. Most of the time such problems occur due to an imbalance of estrogen affecting the sexual functions in women. Imbalanced estrogen doesn’t only affect the desire, additionally, it causes other health problems too. You can seek guidance from an expert to maintain the levels of estrogen and ensure you have the right menstrual period. 


Once females enter menopause, the ovaries don’t make hormones. Hence, the levels of estrogen and testosterone are minimal. While the transition to menopause occurs, women usually do not experience any sexual issues. While few experience vaginal dryness and low desire. The constant drop in the levels of estrogen causes thinning of the vaginal tissue and painful intimacy. In such cases, the intimacy becomes rough on women, and no female will enjoy the intimacy that hurts. Hence, when such symptoms occur, women are recommended to use coconut oil or other remedy suggested by an expert. 

If you have everything sorted- right periods, no pain during intercourse, no use of hormonal pills, then the reason behind lower sexual desire should be diagnosed under an expert’s guidance. The levels of estrogen are likely to cause other problems, hence, ensure you do seek the right knowledge before implementing or choosing any remedy for the treatment.