Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

As said female and male organs do differ, and certain internal and external functions too differ. Hence, few problems cannot be easily discussed or can be made understood. Females do experience a few women’s health issues that can be managed only under the guidance of an expert.

Amongst several problems, one is the changes in your mammilla.

Yes, your mammilla gets impacted due to a few factors. While most of the females do not pay attention and can notice this only when certain compilations arise. Here are the things you need to watch for,


Breast pain is common, and this is experienced by women when their periods are approaching. As soon as your cycles appear, the tenderness goes away. Additionally, one can get rid of tender nipples by eliminating the excessive consumption of caffeine.

During periods, when the PMS symptoms such as breast tenderness occur, female are recommended to wear the right bras threat support the breast.


Milky, white, and clear discharge that comes out from the ducts is common if a woman is pregnant or nursing an infant. Nipple leaking or discharge, if occurs when a woman is not pregnant or breastfeeding, it requires medical attention.

The discharge from the mammilla can be examined when it squirts out. Usually, it is green, red, brown, or clear. Medicines, cancer, and tumors are the most common reasons that hamper mammilla discharge.

Hence, if you do experience any discharge without any reason, you need to seek assistance.


Well, few women have dark hair on the areola. If you too have them, don’t worry, your secret is safe. Most females find it embarrassing to discuss the thin hair on the areola. This is normal, and this is nothing to be bothered about. One can easily trim or pluck those hairs. But if you have hairs between the breast and the chest then this occurs due to hormonal imbalance and at times you might require help.

Inverted nipples

This is a state wherein the nipples are inside-out and it is common. If this happens around your puberty period, it is normal. If this is something new that you’re experiencing then you might have to seek help. Sudden changes in nipples can be a signal of the formation of mass or cancer in your breast.

Rashes on nipples

Rashes usually don’t occur on mammilla. If any rashes occur and don’t go away within a week then this is a serious matter. Having rashes is an indication of Paget’s disease wherein the rashes look similar to eczema are the first symptoms of cancer.

Nipples are a delicate part of our body and any minimal scratch on it too makes it feel dreadful. Hence, women are guided to ensure they do consider keeping a check-in on women’s illnesses and the remedies that can manage those disorders.