Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

Due to no access to the right knowledge, there are lots of confusion concerning the facts that are to be relied on. Women who are about to have an abortion need to consider verifying the facts they hear. We are spilling the beans on a few,

Myth: Abortions are dangerous

Fact: Well, this is a misconception that leads to a negative impact on the health of women. Numerous women need to eliminate pregnancy due to some or other reasons. Females who do not wish to continue gestation can simply opt to end it. It can be dangerous only if women have certain complications or health ailments. Besides, if you opt for the termination options constantly, the process can take a toll on your health and cause negative impacts.

Myth: Abortion makes the fetus feel the pain

Fact: Till the 7th week of pregnancy, the embryo or fetus is not developed enough to feel the pain. The fetus begins to grow after the 9th week and hence the permission to get rid of it too is restricted.
Instead, conducting termination of pregnancy during the early stage allows females to feel relieved from the burden of carrying unwished gestation. Also, during the embryonic stage, the chances that the fetus grows are minimal or next to no.

Myth: Abortion leads to infertility

Fact: Well, this is bothersome information shared by one who doesn’t want women to feel relaxed and relieved. Miscarriage caused doesn’t have an impact on fertility or infertility. While women need to get rid of the gestational particles, this is the suggested method.
If a woman constantly chooses to undergo the procedure, then defiantly it can hamper fertility. Having the termination once or twice doesn’t make one infertile.

Myth: Young and irresponsible people choose to terminate the gestation

Fact: Well, this has nothing to do with the maturity or responsibility of a person. The termination option is made available to ensure females do not have to bother if they land in any such problems. Also, when it comes to responsibility, there are chances that one might have health ailments or other issues that make them choose such harsh decisions.

Myth: Abortion increases the risk of breast cancer

Fact: Females who wish to get rid of gestation need to understand the method chosen only helps to get rid of the pregnancy. The remedies do not cause any impact on other parts or functions of the body. Though studies conclude, carrying the pregnancy to term reduces the risk of breast cancer, none claims vice versa.

Myth: One might experience regret or intense

Fact: Though this is a common experience that one deals with, every woman might not experience it. Hence, one needs to understand that regret and grief occur only when one is not confirmed with the actions to be performed.

Be it any topic, research, or learning the science behind the facts or myths that you hear is a must. Few people commence an act that hampers their health negatively.