Are you new to contraceptive pills? know these things

Are you new to contraceptive pills? know these things

Christy Jennings

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Written by Christy Jennings

These solutions are safe, convenient, and effective and help to protect one against unwanted pregnancy. Females who use this solution for a longer period are aware of the benefits and cons that are used. If you’re new, here are a few things that one must know about. 

1. Minor side effects

Be it any therapy, there are chances that one does end up having some or other effects.

This lets one know the medicine has worked smoothly and helps to improve the conditions in a smoother manner. It takes time for the body to adjust to the fluctuating hormonal levels that can be experienced as soon as the medicines are consumed. 

Here are the basic side effects that can be observed

  • Emotional fluctuation
  • Weight changes
  • Bloating
  • Breast tenderness
  • Nausea
  • Headache

Once the body gets regulated, it becomes used to the changes and adopts the alterations. 

2. Positive health benefits

The reproductive system takes time to function in a well manner. One can consider the 3 months to let your body get used to these changes. Post this period, your body ends up experiencing few other benefits and the side effects begin to subside. 

The benefits that occur include

  • Reduced risk of ovarian cysts
  • Reduced acne
  • Lighter bleeding
  • Milder cramps
  • Mood swings
  • Shortened periods

3. Protection begins after a specific period

Well, the birth control pill doesn’t show the effects at the earliest. Hence, one needs to know the right measures and the correct time of its function.

When you start with birth control contraceptive pills, you need to know it doesn’t work straight away, it requires time. Women can consider using estrogen and progestin pills or only progestin-based solutions. 

The combination works well and starts to give protection after 5 days. One who starts it during the mid-week need to have some backup for 7-14 days. When you start with only progestin tablets, you get protected after 48 hours from the first consumption. 

4. Light spotting

There are chances that you might end up experiencing a small amount of bleeding which is common when you start with contraceptives. For the first few months, it is nothing that one should bother about. Also, there are possibilities that you might skip atleast a single cycle and this is something that one should check with an expert. If any abnormal symptoms occur, females need to seek help. 

5. Daily responsibility

When it comes to consuming contraceptive pills, one needs to know it is 99% effective if women do follow the right responsibility. One has to consume this medicine regularly at the same time to achieve the right results. Ofcourse, during the initial stage, you might forget but slowly you will get used to it and follow the right guidance. 

There is no need to panic even if you miss it, one can consider consuming it as soon as one remembers.  Women just need to be away of different contraceptive methods that are the right solution to the problem and improve the condition.

Know About Different Contraception Methods Influencing Your Periods

Know About Different Contraception Methods Influencing Your Periods

Mike George

Reviewed by Womenrx

Written by Mike George

While you consume those solutions, it not only restricts the pregnancy but is responsible for influencing the periods. 

Contraceptive is one of the safe and effective methods that help to get rid of gestation by choosing devices, surgeries, and birth control tablets.

Due to those therapies, it is common that one does end up having various menstrual bleeding behaviours. Sometimes females come across irregular spotting and bleeding, which is not so bothersome. While a few might come across the heavy flow, others do not have anything. Well, there are certain withdrawal impacts of consuming those medicines, therefore, one needs to consider knowing the effect. 

Intrauterine Device (IUD)

Usually, copper and progestin IUDs are used to avoid gestation. Those instruments are likely to create an unfavourable environment for the sperms and block the matting process.

These devices are responsible to secrete progestin which makes the uterine lining thin and thickens the cervical mucus by not letting the sperms enter the uterus. Once IUDs are administrated, it is common to experience irregular periods and cramping for the first 3-6 months and this improves after a certain time. 

Birth control pills

The hormonal contraceptive pill consists of hormones that discharge an egg every month and doesn’t let the implantation occur. regardless of which medicine you’re consuming, it is common to come across infrequent spotting or bleeding during the first few months.

As compared to a combination of estrogen and progestin, using only progestin-rich tablets are likely to cause bleeding between periods. One needs to consider following the instructions mentioned, to avoid complications. 

Emergency contraceptives

 This is the medicine that is used once you engage in intimate moments. It becomes necessary that one does have the right and relevant information about those medicines. If you’re using those emergency contraceptives during the initial week of the cycle, the periods are likely to show early. In certain cases where periods are likely to occur later only if the ovulation has already occurred. 

During the first few uses, any hormonal tablets do have the ability to cause irregular menstruation, and bleeding which are normal and they’re likely to improve as time passes. As every woman’s body responds in a different manner, various methods of contraception are likely to cause a slight abnormal impact. If anything bothers you, consider seeking assistance to improve your health and effect. 

Any impact that occurs due to contraceptive pills should be taken care of as soon as they appear.

It is necessary that one does follow the right and reliable method depending upon the impacts they might leave on your menstrual cycle. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Contraceptive Pills

Pros And Cons Of Using Contraceptive Pills

Anya Charlotte

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Written by Anya Charlotte

It becomes really difficult for one to deal with an unplanned pregnancy and therefore, knowing about the uses of those tablets becomes necessary. 

Pros of using the birth control tablets

Makes the periods regular and lighter

The consumption of those remedies is likely to improve certain problems. The periods experienced before ingesting those therapies are likely to be painful and hamper the regular chores. Once you get on those birth control medicines, it does affect the menstrual cycle and this helps one to manage the painful effects. Though this is not the only method to deal with the regular and lighter period and can be used by one who is sexually active and after seeking approvals from the team of an expert. 

The chances of ovarian cancer are reduced

There are number of compilations that hamper the reproductive health of women and therefore it becomes necessary that one does follow the right measures to deal with them. Ovarian cancer, uterine complications, and many other problems are experienced and therefore, one needs to know the consumption of contraceptive pills declines the chances and this can be taken care of. 

Decreases cramps and acne

The hormonal changes that affect your body do have the ability to cause acne. Those can be taken care of with the help of tablets. The consumption of birth control pills does have the ability to influence cramps and acne. The cramps that occur do make it difficult for women to manage their periods, while the skin complications too increases. Therefore, females need to know certain alterations done by the medicines prove to be beneficial for the health of the people. 

Cons of using these therapy

Don’t skip it

As mentioned, these are oral remedies, one needs to ensure they are been consumed on a regular basis. Missing the consumption for a day or two does hamper health in the long run. Therefore, do consider maintaining a reminder or setting an alarm for the same. This helps to look into that the consumption is not skipped. 

Doesn’t protect against any STIs

STIs are only transmitted when you come in contact with the person having the chance of having a disorder. It becomes necessary that one does know about the therapies that can be considered to improve the disorder. STIs can be avoided with the help other preventive measures. 

One with certain conditions shouldn’t use

There are certain elements or working ingredients in the contraceptive pills that women might be allergic to and those should be known before considering their consumption. Hence, before you include the use of therapies, check under the guidance of an expert whether you’re eligible to use them or not. 

Know The Different Types Of Birth Control Remedies

Know The Different Types Of Birth Control Remedies

Hanna Beka

Reviewed by Womenrx

Written by Hanna Beka

Further, there are certain instances when women are avoiding to continue with the gestation. People simply can choose to look for birth control measures and this is likely to assist one manage the condition effectively.

Different types of birth control measures can be chosen and the common ones that should be known include,

Barrier birth control measures

As the name says, it is categorized depending upon its ability to block the sperm from reaching the eggs. The option concerning the same is a condom as this is durable and protects one against STDs. There are a few other options such as a cervical shield, cervical cap, and diaphragm that help to avoid the situation such as gestation. Creams, gels, and foams can be used along with other remedies to increase the chances of avoiding such circumstances.

Vaginal contraception

This is a type of remedy that is inserted into the vagina before engaging in sexual intimacy. This medicine does have the ability to create an environment for the sperms that are not suitable. It blocks the fertilization process and those therapies are made available in various forms such as suppository, cream, jelly, tablet, or dissolvable film. The basic function of those therapies is to ensure the pH level during intimacy is maintained. Whenever women engage in love-making moments the pH levels are developed and they allow the sperms to move towards the reproducing canal. Once the acid level is taken care of the matting doesn’t occur and proves to be beneficial for women.

Emergency contraceptive

This is not a regular form of birth control measure that can be used by females. It is used only if a woman does indulge in unprotected sexual intimacy.  Those who end up landing in pregnancy without any precautions are recommended to consider the use of emergency contraceptive pills. They are also known as the morning after the pill and they are to be consumed within 72 hours of engaging in the sessions.


An intrauterine device is a small device that is inserted into the genitals with the help of a nurse or doctor to prevent pregnancy. Though this is a bit uncomfortable process, one can experience it is the quickest and simplest method that helps to avoid pregnancy.  Once it is placed in the body, it protects from gestation for a long time. They’re about 99.9% effective and ensure the unwanted circumstances can be avoided.

While the mentioned are the right measures, there are certain tips that one needs to follow.

1. Store it right

Light and heat do affect birth control measures and hence, one is recommended to store the medicines at the right temperature.

2. Follow the right advices

It becomes necessary that one does follow the instructions and advice that help to ensure the remedies function in their full capacity.

Know The Factors That Influence The Function Of The Contraceptive Pill

Know The Factors That Influence The Function Of The Contraceptive Pill

Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx

Written by Allen Walker

Pregnancy ofcourse brings happiness in life, but one needs to consider learning the right measures and timing to conceive. Well, similarly women need to know the factors that influence the measures protecting against gestation.

Here are the factors that affect the tablets consumed to block gestation.

1. Bad timing

Timing matters the most. Whether you’re conceiving or are planning to get rid of the gestation, you need to ensure the things are done on time. Hence, females are recommended to use those remedies daily at the same time to improve their condition. If you are irregular with the consumption or forget to take the tablet at the same time or miss the dose, it is common to experience the drawback rather than effective results.

2. Forgetting can make the remedy fail

Forgetting consumption is one of the reasons behind the failure of contraceptives. Hence, birth control remedies should be consumed every day. Consumption of this remedy is likely to increase the reduce the chances of pregnancy. In case if you fail, the chances of conceiving increase, leading to make other choices.

Hence, you can either set the alarm or maintain notes wherein you remember to consume contraceptive pills on a regular basis.

3. Digestive disorder

People having an inflammatory disorder or digestive disorder need to know the use of contraceptive measures is not completely absorbed by the body. Anything that interferes with the ability of the body to absorb the hormones or increase the metabolism rate is likely to reduce the effectiveness of the birth control pills. Also, if you have severe diarrhea and vomiting, it is likely to affect the absorption and hence, if you puke soon after the administration, consider following other methods to avoid the unwished situation.

4. Food

Certain habits are included in our diet and are likely to affect the function of the oral method. Usually, common food such as soy, licorice, and dairy products can affect the functions of birth control medicines. Besides, if one does end up landing in the problem due to food consumption, you need to restrict the consumption for a period while you’re on the tablets.

5. Cigarettes

Cigarettes usually contain nicotine and are likely to combine with contraceptive pills. The combination is likely to increase the chances of heart stroke and heart attack by accelerating the blood pressure and heart rate. The consumption of birth control tablets is likely to cause more stress on the vessels due to the increase of estrogen.

6. Storage too matters the most

Storing contraceptive pills safely should never be neglected. It becomes necessary that one stores the remedies safely in a tight container or box to ensure the medicines work effectively.

Different birth control methods can be chosen by one. Hence, women need to know about the available remedies that influence the effective function of the pill.