How Are Menopause And Depression Linked?

How Are Menopause And Depression Linked?

Christy Jennings

Reviewed by Womenrx

Written by Christy Jennings

It showcases the well-established connection between hormones and psychiatric health issues. The change in levels affects the neurotransmitters in the brain. 

Whenever estrogen levels reduce it is likely to cause a few uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, irregular periods, disturbed sleep, and vaginal dryness.

Those are likely to influence your mood, fears, anxiety, and irritability. 

Females who go through these phases are likely to suffer more depression and are likely to experience various problems such as 

  • Little or no exercise
  • Poor self-perceived health
  • Loneliness
  • Interpersonal stress
  • Smoking

Natural remedies for treating menopause mood swings

Red Clover

It is the best therapy that helps to manage hot flashes, tenderness, and breast pain.

It is consumed to improve bone mineral density and comprises isoflavones which leave a positive effect in relieving the symptoms such as weight gain, fracture, disturbed sleep, weight gain, and inflammation of the joints. Though there are chances that the depression and anxiety symptoms are alleviated in females at the post-menopausal stage. 

Yoga and meditation

These are the best therapies that help to relieve anxiety and irritability that are promoted due to menopause. Yoga assists to improve the symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes. Besides engaging in certain stretching and relaxation techniques are likely to stabilize the mood swings. 

Maca Root

For a long maca root is used to improve the signs and symptoms of aging, stress, and anxiety by reducing cortisol levels. This is one of the best methods that assist to reduce hot flashes, low energy, weight gain, and restlessness which allows to improve libido and energy. 


This is a popular herb that has therapeutic health benefits and is responsible to manage symptoms such as vaginal dryness, cognitive impairments, lethargy, stress, and anxiety.

It is one of the normalizers and energizer therapy that assist to improve mood and sleep and can be consumed in different forms. 

Other treatments

Depression and mood swings during perimenopause and menopause are treated the similar way it is managed at any other time. It can be well managed with the help of experts to improve the conditions. 

Here are the best therapies that can be chosen

Lifestyle changes

With increasing age, women are recommended to consider lifestyle changes that improve their conditions. One can minimize the intake of processed foods, stop smoking, indulge in a Mediterranean-style diet, limit liquor consumption, and exercise to acquire some benefits. This is one of the approved and trusted methods that help to improve the conditions.

Hormone Repalcement Therapy

This is a method wherein women have to undergo hysterectomy and different types and doses of HRT ensure the estrogen levels are taken care of. They are basically used to manage the low levels of estrogen to improve the situation. The reduced levels promote sadness and feeling of hopelessness which makes you feel worse.

Hence the use of HRT ensures the calming effect is provided to neurotransmitters and endorphins are increased to make one feel good. 

Menopause: Know The Tips To Prepare For It

Menopause: Know The Tips To Prepare For It

Anya Charlotte

Reviewed by Womenrx

Written by Anya Charlotte

The stage begins with menstrual periods and ends with menopause. While speaking about the last stage, menopause, one must know the reason behind the invention of this word. In Greek, ‘mens’ is defined as monthly, while ‘pause’ means cessation. Altogether it directs toward the full stop on reproductive life because of the loss of ovarian activity.

This is a natural aging process and it is likely to occur in women between 45-55 years. 

Estrogen levels influencing women’s health

Besides affecting reproductive function, hormones do play the foremost role in women’s health. Estrogen is necessary and influences the regeneration procedure by the process of formation and resorption. Usually, the loss of estrogen influences the increased rate of bone remodelling and spikes up the chances of fractures. 

Here’s how the hormones affect the well-being of females

  • The deficiency of estrogen is likely to cause dryness and can experience more facial hair as compared to the scalp. 
  • It does impact the cholesterol levels due to which HDL or good cholesterols are accelerated. 
  • It affects the neuroprotective action of the brain and influences the conditions such as Alzheimer’s disorder. 
  • When a female enters the menopause period, the fluctuating hormones are likely to make it difficult for her to continue hassle-free activities. 

Here are the tips that prepares you while entering this phase

Watch your diet

Enjoying a diet that is healthy, low in fats and simple carbohydrates is a part of a healthy lifestyle. It should contain vegetables, nuts, fruits, whole grain foods, and omega-3 fatty acids which ensures your heart health is maintained. 

Let your mind relax

Different thoughts occur and are likely to affect your mind. It becomes mandatory that females take up certain activities that help their minds to relax and concentrate on necessary activities. The activities such as meditation or adopting a new language are the basic methods that help to prevent memory and mood variation to avoid stress. 


Most of people who land in any problem or have any major disorder are recommended to start with exercise. This is one of the best methods that help to improve the conditions in a smoother manner. Women who are preparing for the menopause period are asked to engage in pelvic muscle strength. Those exercises are likely to make the bones and muscles strong. 

Maintain weight

While you’re entering the new phase, you must know it does affect metabolism. It slowdowns when females do enter this stage and make it easy for one to gain some pounds.

The chances of osteoporosis and arthritis only persist if one is obese.

Get the daily dose of vitamin D and calcium

The bones and muscles are the part of the body that gets affected drastically and ensuring one do ingest enough Vitamin D and calcium becomes necessary. This stuff is likely to promote the health of bones and muscles. 

Know Why Your Hormones Are Upside Down Always

Know Why Your Hormones Are Upside Down Always

Mathew Forster

Reviewed by Womenrx

Written by Mathew Forster

Especially, in females, this is likely to disrupt the other functions. It becomes necessary that one does choose the right and relevant therapies to improve the condition.  This blog can help you know a few things that assist to know the topic closely. 

Know the unevenness

Hormones are chemical messengers and are produced by the glands and those chemicals move in your body. They are responsible to guide the organs and tissues regarding their functions. Besides, they control major processes in your body such as reproduction and metabolism that helps to improve the conditions. This fluctuation is likely to affect the other functions that promote other ailments. Certain changes occur in your body constantly as they’re a part of natural aging and are likely to accompany you. 


Whenever your hormones go for a toss, different indications are to be taken care of. Before considering any therapy, one needs to be known the signs and symptoms. 
  • Weight gain
  • Sweating
  • Frequent urination
  • Depression
  • Infertility
  • Rounded face
  • Purple or pink stretch marks
Having any one of them doesn’t indicate the fluctuation, hence, do know well about the indications and then consider choosing the therapies. 

Treatment options

Coming across such instances is common, but dealing with them comes with lots of challenges. Here are a few treatments that can be considered to improve the conditions. 
Vaginal estrogen
The hormonal imbalance is likely to accelerate the conditions such as vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse. Choosing the remedies that help to pump up estrogen proves to be beneficial and manage the ailments smoothly. This is a local remedy that helps to eliminate the risks and ensures the systemic estrogens travel through the blood streams and improves the condition.
Testosterone medicines
Those are the ones that are consumed to ensure the levels of testosterone are maintained. This is likely to improve the condition and assists one to feel relieved from the hormonal imbalance. 
Birth control
This is a condition wherein the menstrual periods are regulated. Moreover, it does help to ensure the problems related to acne and excessive growth of hair are declined. This is something that aids the right relief from certain conditions. 

Natural remedies

Well, you read that right, natural remedies to manage hormonal imbalance too prove to be beneficial for one. Small lifestyle changes are likely to improve the conditions to manage those problems. 
Eat well
Your diet plays an important role and is responsible to manage certain ailments smoothly.  Hence, consider designing your plate in a manner that benefits the hormones rather than causing a negative impact on it. Exclude the food that negatively affects your health. 
Lose weight
This is something that affects indirectly hampers your hormones. It becomes necessary that shedding some pounds or gaining some proves to be beneficial to improve the problems that occur due to weight. 
Learn About 3 Stages Of Menopause That Affects You

Learn About 3 Stages Of Menopause That Affects You

Anya Charlotte

Reviewed by Womenrx

Written by Anya Charlotte

One needs to consider knowing about the segments that affect health and cause drastic change. 

Every stage is different and one is likely to come across them slowly. Though the indications make it difficult to deal with the situation, choosing to know what makes each stage varied from another is necessary. 

Here are the 3 stages that one should know about


There are chances that females might experience it after the age of 30. Usually, the signs and symptoms become noticeable after 40-44 years of age. The menstrual cycle and the length of the cycle are enough to describe the changes in the window. This can be well known with noticeable indications. Estrogen and progesterone levels begin to fluctuate and the release of eggs is often less due to which conceiving during this period is minimal.

Therefore, one needs to consider choosing the right remedies that help to manage the conditions such as hot flashes, changes in libido, and sleeplessness. 


Welcome to the new phase and the end of your reproductive years. This is a stage wherein females are no more able to produce. This stage indicates that one cannot have periods and fertility too comes to an end. The ovaries are unable to release the eggs and secretion of estrogen and progesterone is no longer continued. Usually, one can come across this stage during the mid-40s. This phase is diagnosed only after one experiences stopped bleeding. 

Post menopause

This is a period describing the time when a woman has gone through the menopause period. The menstrual periods are gone, and the signs and symptoms such as hot flashes are declined Besides, the estrogen levels are now settled causing no other fluctuation in the body. This is a period that typically begins in the early to mid-50s and continues for the rest of your life. Once the menopause period is experienced, the chances that one needs to ensure the lifestyle changes are done and the risk of other ailments are gauged becomes necessary. 

All the 3 stages are likely to cause certain signs such as dry vagina, hot flashes, stress, mental confusion, difficulty concentrating, and insomnia. These are to be well managed under the guidance of an expert to manage the conditions. 

Here are the small tips that can help one to have improved conditions

  • Include lots of veggies and fruits in your diet
  • Avoid the consumption of food that triggers the sign and symptoms
  • Ensure enough of water is consumed
  • Refined sugar and processed food are to be restricted
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain the weight
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are to be taken care of

It becomes necessary that one does follow the right methods and tricks that help to improve women’s health. 

Know How HRT Helps Women During Menopause

Know How HRT Helps Women During Menopause

Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx

Written by Allen Walker

There is nothing to bother about, yet, there are certain remedies that can be chosen to improve the condition. Usually, one dealing with menopause is likely to use Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). If you’re about to enter this phase or want to learn about it, you need to scroll through the blog.


This is a period experienced by women after the age of 45 years and hence, one needs to know about it well. Once the female becomes unable to have periods for a consecutive year, she is supposed to be menopausal. During this period, there are lots of signs and symptoms experienced by women. Besides, one needs to take the right measures or therapy that help to improve the condition.

Women can choose Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause as soon as females enter this period, estrogen levels are likely to fall. As soon as they begin to fall, one feels uncomfortable and symptoms such as vaginal dryness and hot flashes are likely to occur.

The remedies such as hormone therapy can be considered as this is one of the effective treatments that can be chosen to improve the condition. Below mentioned therapies can be chosen

Estrogen therapy

If a woman does have a condition known as hysterectomy i.e. removal of uterus or ovaries or fallopian tube, the low dose of estrogen is to be consumed. It is made available in different forms-pills, patch gel, spray, and ring.

Here is a brief about the remedies that one should know

  • Tablets

Pills rich in estrogen are a common therapy used to reduce the menopausal symptoms. They are likely to be used once a day to improve the conditions. Women need to ensure the instructions are followed as recommended to you by their health care provider.

  • Topical

Gels, creams, and sprays too are made available to ensure enough of the right hormones are ingested in your body. They are directly absorbed by your skin and reach the bloodstream. Depending upon the application, one can consider using the right remedy that improves the signs and symptoms.

  • Patch

This is worn on the skin of the abdomen and is to be replaced after every few days. Hence, people, who have imbalanced levels of hormones need to use this therapy to improve their condition.

  • Vaginal estrogen

This is made available in cream, ring, and tablets. These treatments are usually used to manage vaginal dryness, burning, pain during intimacy, and itchiness. Often these are used regularly on the initial days, but later they are to be used twice a week.

Benefits of undergoing HRT

Ensuring the hormones are taken care of help to seek benefits.

  • Makes sexual intimacy less painful
  • Assists to enjoy better sleep
  • Makes you feel relieved from hot flashes and night sweats
  • Eases vaginal dryness and itching

Be cautious while choosing any therapy that is used during the menopausal period.