Written by Mathew Forster
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Mathew Forster

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Mathew Forster

This is a process that cannot be controlled there is nothing that causes it. It becomes necessary that one does have the right idea about the reasons that affect health and results in such problem. 

Here are the common reasons that contribute to miscarriage that one should know about. 

A. Medical conditions

A loss of pregnancy majorly occurs due to existing conditions and this is something that a female must be aware of. 

1. Diabetes

One having hiked sugar levels needs to know they do consider a few methods that help to reduce the insulin levels. Usually, mothers who have these signs and symptoms during the first trimester are at more risk of having increased miscarriage and even if the gestation is continued one does end up having major birth defects. 

2. Blood Clotting disorder

Few females do have a problem and end up having Factor V Leiden which is rare but does occur. This is a problem wherein one does end up having clotting issues and it blocks the blood vessels that carry blood to the placenta and is a major problem. It becomes necessary that one does follow the right guidelines and knows about these abnormalities as it promotes loss of growth of embryo. 

3. Thyroid disorder

This has the ability to cause infertility and is one of the major concerns promoting recurrent miscarriages. Whenever the thyroid functions are low, the body produces excessive hormones that suppress ovulation.

This creates room for hormones to interfere with estrogen and creates unfavorable situations wherein implantation or abnormal uterine bleeding is experienced. 

4. STDs

Sexually transmitted disorder such as HIV, syphilis, and chlamydia increases the chances of risk of having a preterm delivery, loss of pregnancy, and stillbirth. The possibility is that females do end up passing this disorder to the child and this is something that one must be concerned about. 

B. Hormonal Imbalance

As mentioned, the production of hormones such as progesterone is likely to support such problems.

It is necessary that the uterine lining has the ability to support the fetus and hold the placenta. The medicines can improve such conditions, but unless a woman does end up having multiple miscarriages, the tests are not conducted.

C. Chromosomal abnormalities

If women constantly experience failure in pregnancy during the first 12 weeks, it usually happens due to the baby’s chromosomes. Chromosomes are usually traits that decide eye color, hair, and other features. A wrong number of chromosomes or damaged ones do have an ability wherein the embryo doesn’t grow properly.

Females above the age of 35 years are likely to experience it due to the less number of eggs present in the body.

Improving the conditions

One needs to look into it that the right guidelines are followed such as

  • Staying active
  • Discussing your plans to conceive
  • Keeping your weight in the range
  • Ensuring you do check your blood pressure and diabetes
  • Avoiding the use of liquor or any other solution that affects the quality of eggs.