Written by Hanna Beka
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Hanna Beka

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Hanna Beka

It is no less than solving any difficult puzzle. One has to learn about the different tasks to understand the same. When it comes to intimate hygiene, females need to focus on menstruation, sexual activity, and self-cleansing. It becomes necessary that one pay attention to those factors as they assist one to deal with the necessary health issues.

Depending upon health and body type, the vaginal discharge is likely to differ. At times, it becomes difficult for females to know the normal and abnormal changes. Here are a few different causes that influence those changes. 

Why is the fluid that comes out of the genitals important to understand?

The fluids or mucus that comes out from the genitals are supposed to be clear, transparent, or milky white. It generally is produced by the cervix and uterus. One who ends up having mucus clear and white can conclude that health is normal.

If females do come across odorless or smelly discharge need to know there is something wrong with their health. Those excretions are responsible to cleanse the dead cells and bacteria that assist to prevent infection and provide lubrication to enjoy smoother intimate moments. 

Here are the causes that females must know

Indicates arousal

Whenever one does engage in sexual intercourse it is common that the sensations are turned on which further promotes the release of fluids. It usually is thick and increases the stimulation which makes it obvious to experience a slight change in the fluids. 

Early pregnancy

At times, it also indicates pregnancy and therefore, women need to learn about those changes. During gestation, it is common and is likely to protect the fetus from different types of infections that travel up to the genitals and into the uterus. Hence, if you come across any specific change in colour, volume, or substance, seek assistance from a team of an expert. 

Allergic reaction

Women usually do have a habit of cleansing, and douching which increases the chances of infection. Besides, not following certain hygiene parameters are likely to make it difficult for females to deal with different problems. Sometimes it is common to experience the signs such as inflammation, redness, itching, and foul odor. 

Hormonal imbalance

Stress is a part of life and it becomes necessary that one does have the right information about the impact of stress on hormonal imbalance. The fluctuation due to stress of other conditions such as PCOS is likely to increase or decrease the amount of vaginal discharge. Besides, one is likely to come across dryness and tightness. 


When the eggs from the ovaries are released, it is common to come across wetter, and clearer fluids indicating the ovulation approach. There are times when one does come across dark or brown discharge. 

One must have enough idea about the genitals and the substances that are likely to accompany you to keep them clean.