Written by Mike George
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Mike George

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Mike George

One of the common problems experienced by women includes bacterial vaginosis. This is a type of vaginal inflammation that occurs due to the growth of the bacteria that are usually found in the vagina. A woman is said to have this infection only when the natural balance is upset and certain signs and symptoms occur.

There is no certain age or cause mentioned, but few activities are likely to provoke this disorder. 

Symptoms that you have this infection

  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • Vaginal itching
  • Thin, grey, green, or unusual vaginal fluid
  • Foul smelling or fishy smell from the vagina


Women who have bacterial vaginosis are likely to experience it due to certain risk factors. The sensitive issues that hit your health include, 


Few females do have a habit of rinsing out the vagina or using a cleansing agent that adversely affects the pH level of the vagina. Such practices promote the overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria. Hence, it is not recommended to consider douching as a part of self-hygiene. 

Having multiple partners

During teenage, certain people end up having multiple partners. Usually, the link between bacterial vaginosis is not yet understood, but constantly engaging in intimacy is likely to disturb the pH balance and affect the growth of the bacteria in your genitals. 

Naturally declined lactobacilli bacteria

Lactobacilli bacteria grow naturally in the vagina and those are the good components that grow. In case, the natural environment in your genitals is not suitable for the growth of those elements, you need to consider seeking assistance from a health care expert. 

Know the complications it can cause

Bacterial vaginosis has the ability to increase the risk of certain complications and include

Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder (PID)

Sometimes, women who end up having an infection are likely to develop Pelvic Inflammatory disorder. This is a condition wherein fertility is affected, due to the infection impacting the uterus and fallopian tubes. 

Preterm birth

Females who end up having complication such as bacterial vaginosis need to know such problems does have an ability to cause premature deliveries and babies with low weight. 

Infections post gynecologic surgery

Post this ailment, women are at risk of having Dilation and Curettage or hysterectomy. 

Sexually transmitted disorder

Having signs and symptoms of this infection is likely to make one more vulnerable to other ailments such as HIV, chlamydia, HIV, herpes simplex virus, or gonorrhea. 

When to rush to seek help?

If one does come across a different odor or fever or unusual signs and symptoms seeking assistance become necessary. 

  • You can try self-treatment if it is at the initial stage.
  • If the discharge from the genitals appears to be unusual or different, seek help. 

Bacterial vaginosis is a common problem and this is nothing to be ashamed of. Women need to seek the right help to manage those ailments to avoid later complications.