Written by Christy Jennings
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Christy Jennings

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Christy Jennings

It becomes necessary that one does have the right idea about the triggering points and the impact on overall health. As soon as one gets tension, the symptoms begin to get intense and hamper health. When it comes to women’s health, several factors get affected and a few of them include,

Gastrointestinal infection

Short-term stress does promote the problems such as butterfly feeling, nausea, or vomiting. Prolonged problems increase stomach acid and promote problems such as acid reflux, and heartburn which further can result in constipation, obesity, and bloating. Hence, one needs to follow the right instructions that help to improve the ailment and deal with the conditions.

Poor Mental Health

Ofcourse, stress doesn’t cause a direct and immediate impact on physical health or mental health but gradually it hampers your health. The signs of stress, especially for a long time, make it difficult for one to develop anxiety, depression, and a few other mental conditions. Also, this is likely to trigger the hormones that cause side effects on the health of people.

Period irregularity

The menstrual cycle is something that makes it difficult for females to deal with the mistral cycles. It becomes necessary that one does have the right idea about the impact of stress on health. The chronic and long-term impact affects the hormone. Also, the chances of having more PMS symptoms increase delaying the actual blood flow.

Hence, women are recommended to take up activities wherein they practice exercise or mindfulness activities to improve their health.

Fertility problems

Stress affects fertility in females and this is one of the major underlying problems that hamper health in a long run. Few studies have shown that accelerated levels make it more difficult to conceive. Hence, it is generally recommended to take up activities that help to calm and improve overall health. Also, the issues such as obesity and other problems should be well managed to improve overall health conditions.

Weakened Immune system

The presence of stress hormones makes your immune weak and this makes you vulnerable to illness and infection. If you’re constantly in tension it becomes common that you do end up having flu, and trigger conditions such as arthritis and inflammatory bowel disorder. People with weak immune find it difficult to recover from these conditions.

Increased Heart Disorder

As a response to tension, the blood vessels become constricted, and hence the oxygen is sent to muscles to prepare for the fight. While this transition takes place the heart rate and blood pressure increase. If there is constant fluctuation in such problems the chances that one does end up having stroke or heart attack increases.

Most females need to know about this disorder to know the type of help that can be accessed to deal with the problems.