Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

Well, termination helps you feel relieved, but few other factors such as your body and mental health gets affected. Restoring everything after having an abortion is not possible. Hence, you need to consider healing one part at a time and then the other. Here are the steps that can help you heal after having an abortion

A. Physical recovery

Once you abort the pregnancy, your body gets drained. It takes ample of time to recover. Here are a few things that can help you recover physically,

1. Have a good and healthy diet

Once you terminate the pregnancy, you shed lots of blood and fluids during the process. You begin to lose your energy and hence replenishing the needed requirements become mandatory. Accordingly, alter your diet and add the food products that help you heal at the earliest. 

2. Increase the intake of herbs

Once the abortion process is done, you still are likely to have cramps and bleeding. Rather than consuming the same old pills, you can consider consuming herbs. Those natural remedies can help you heal faster as well you do not have to tolerate the negative consequences of using any medicine for the treatment. 

3. Rest

As much as possible, rest, as it is the key to recovery. After terminating the pregnancy, a woman’s body requires ample of rest. The rest lets the body heal, as well as gives enough of time to heal mentally. Therefore, do not rush and resume your work as soon as the process ends. 

4. Do not engage in romantic scenes

This is something that doesn’t require any explanation. While your body is recovering, adding another toll can cause a negative impact on your body. Hence, do not engage in a love-making session as this is likely to hamper the recovery process. 

B. Mentally and emotionally

1. Indulge in meditation

It becomes necessary that you are calm and all the emotions related to the abortion are flushed out. Yes, the abortion process drains you but engaging in meditation helps you to calm and relax your body within. But be cautious, you do not have to engage in the activities such as running or strenuous exercise that can trigger bleeding. 

2. Share

Aborting the pregnancy is not shameful. Hence, you can share the feeling with someone you trust. Sharing your feelings helps you grieve and move ahead in life. There are several mixed feelings and those cannot be managed unless one shares how and what they feel post having an abortion. 

3. Seek a helping hand

This is not easy and hence having someone besides you is necessary. You need to seek help from a friend, family, or partner. If sharing the feeling with them doesn’t help, seeking professional help becomes necessary. 

Abortion seems to be the easiest procedure, but the period before and after haunts women. It is better to have your partner beside you to help you deal with situations physically, mentally, and emotionally.