Written by Mike George
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Mike George

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Mike George

If women continue to have the indication of this issue, then it becomes necessary that certain remedies are chosen. Well, if you do not find any medicine suitable or do not wish to continue the use, consider looking for home remedies. 

Various natural remedies help to improve vaginal yeast infection and get rid of it.

Coconut oil

Besides containing fatty oil, it does consist of certain anti-fungal properties that work in your body to improve your conditions. Moreover, one needs to be cautious that the use of pure, and organic stuff should be continued. One simply needs to apply the oil to the affected area directed. Following this remedy for a few days is likely to help you improve the conditions.  

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the trusted remedies that can be used to improve the growth of bacteria in genitals is Apple Cider Vinegar. The use of this remedy does have various benefits and it is proven by research. One needs to add a half cup of ACV to a lukewarm bathtub and soak in the same for 20 minutes. The acid present in this solution is likely to eliminate harmful microorganisms. Also, while having a bath do not consider douching as it is likely to increase the chances of having a problem. 

Vitamin C

This is an immunity booster remedy assisting to improve skin conditions. This is a strong remedy that balances the pH of the vagina and helps to reduce the risk of yeast infection. It is also known as ascorbic acid and contains antimicrobial components that are beneficial in managing bacterial growth. Hence, people are recommended to increase their intake of Vitamin C and boost the ability in their body to manage the indications. While considering the usage, ensure the application directly to the sensitive tissues is not considered. 

Probiotic supplements

Probiotics are beneficial to restore balance throughout the day. Women who end up having yeast infection need to consider the oral consumption of those probiotics to improve the conditions. They are to be consumed continuously for 10 days and this works as a vaginal suppository to experience an improved condition. 

Greek Yogurt

As mentioned, probiotics are beneficial for the health of such infections, yogurt contains live bacteria known as Lactobacillus acidophilus that functions to create a healthy environment. The imbalanced pH level in the body can be well maintained without causing any complications. When it comes to balancing the bacteria, try consuming it or applying it to the vulva. 

Certain other precautions can be followed to avoid complications and includes

  • Wear loose-fitting clothes
  • The consumption of sugar and processed food should be restricted
  • Antibiotics should be considered only when needed
  • Using any sort of genital spray or lotions should be done under the guidance of a health care assister.