Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

When there are underlying instances that make women arrive at such decisions, it causes an emotional impact.

Whether you’re terminating the pregnancy during your early 20s or late 30’s the emotional impact is dreadful. It becomes necessary that one is aware of the steps that can be considered to heal after having an abortion.

Know your feelings

It becomes necessary that you know what your emotions are. Your feelings, whether they’re negative or positive, everything should be considered. Most women avoid thinking about their emotions as they think, this can pull them back from where they began. Knowing that feelings are different for every female is necessary. You can simply journalize your feelings or talk to a trusted person to discuss the feelings.

Take time to grief about abortion

Grieving after the loss becomes necessary. The daily chaos doesn’t allow you to take time, sit alone, and grieve about certain things.

So, skip a daily routine for a day or two, the sadness or the grief that you’re holding should be managed or dealt with. Whatever are your feelings, they are valid and real, hence you need to accept and grieve to move ahead. Avoiding grieving makes you hold the same feeling that hampers later.

Share your story

Atleast 1/3rd population of women end up having an abortion. Females do have social groups, friends, and family to reach out to discuss the story or the feelings they have. If you don’t feel like sharing it with your family, you can simply discuss it with your doctor or post it online.

You’re not the only one having an abortion. Various females feel the same. Sharing your experience or story helps others to know they are not the ones who have commenced an action of abortion.

Find a place to process your feelings

At times handling the feelings ourselves is not possible. You need to find a place where you can process your feeling and let them out. Some females feel it is too much content to hold within you, you need to discuss it with someone. Processing your feelings allows you to get emotionally strong.

Seek a help

There are times when nothing works and dealing with the emotional feelings becomes more difficult. If you’ve tried everything and nothing works for you, seek an appointment with an expert. They can help you know where you are going wrong, and what help you need.

Several times, women end up having mixed feelings, and handling those feelings is not possible. There are situations when women might end up feeling stressed and depressed, during such a period seeking help from an expert becomes the easiest way to manage their mental health.

Recovery after an abortion is possible only if you accept the situation, understand your emotions, and are open to talk about it.