Written by Hanna Beka
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Hanna Beka

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Hanna Beka

Right from the beginning of your cycle till it ends, several factors are to be taken care of. 

Especially, young females who have started their periods are likely to experience problems and the change in those shades should be well known. 

Know the reason behind the variation

Throughout the window, women can come across different shades of the flow and this happens when it comes in contact with air. This whole process is termed oxidation and changes the shades. Hemoglobin in the flow contains iron and when it reacts with oxygen it is likely to change to dark brown or brown. Sometimes, it also turns black and one needs not worry about the same. 

Most females come across brown blood on the first day and last 4 days when the menstrual cycle comes to an end. The brighter shade is visible during the mid-period and the bleeding experienced is a bit heavy and the time for oxidization is minimal due to which any major changes cannot be experienced by one. 

Here is what females should learn about the same

Bright red bleeding 

When the periods begin, the uterus sheds actively, and the chances that the contents that have been in the vagina or uterus for some time are minimal. The active flow is likely to be bright red and as it is fresh, the major change in the shade cannot be seen. Also, this is normal and one need not worry much about the same.

Pink blood

During the initial days of your menstruation, it is common to experience a mixture of discharge along with the blood. As it is fresh and mixes with the discharge, the type is likely to lighten and look pink. At times due to the lighter menstrual cycles too, it appears pink and this is nothing bothersome.

Brown or black bleeding

As mentioned, this is experienced towards the end of the cycle and it can vary anywhere from dark red to brown colored. Most females do have an idea about those changes, but one who doesn’t should know it is common, and worrying about these changes is not necessary. 

Dark Red

It occurs when the fluids are in the vagina for a longer period. At times, the clots too can be seen which are usually the size of a quarter. If the clots are bigger than a quarter size, women need to seek assistance to improve the conditions. 

Now that you know that this is all normal, you need not worry about changing colors. This is quite normal, one needs to seek assistance only if women do come across if there are any drastic changes in the cycle or its occurrence.