Written by Mathew Forster
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Mathew Forster

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Mathew Forster

Usually while speaking about the same, few might have heard about ectopic pregnancy. This is not out of the box term, yet one needs to understand the hampering signs and symptoms that should be taken care of. 

Normal ovulation process

During the procedure, the eggs become fertilized. It is likely to get attached to the lining of the uterus and grow within the uterus to ensure the whole process of gestation goes smooth. 

Ectopic gestation

This is a condition wherein the fertilized eggs get implanted outside the uterus. The process is similar, only the placing of the eggs is different which can affect the health of a woman. Usually, this type cannot be continued for a long and therefore, one needs to consider seeking the right assistance. 


Though the indications are similar to that of a normal gestation, this can be known only when ultrasound tests are conducted. 

Early indication

Often vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain are the common and visible warnings that can be experienced. At times the blood leaks from the fallopian tube, and this is likely to trigger the problems such as shoulder pain and impact bowel movements. Hence, whenever you come across any unusual indications, you should rush to seek assistance. 

Emergency symptoms

As soon as the fertilized eggs grow in the fallopian tube it causes rupture. This is likely to cause heavy bleeding in the abdomen and the indications such as light-headedness, shock, and fainting can be experienced by one. 

Risk factors of that cause ectopic pregnancy, 

  • Inflammation or infection

Sexually transmitted infections are likely to increase the risk of inflammation in the tubes and other organs. This is one of the complications that promote such type of gestation. 

  • Previous ectopic pregnancy

If women have a history of this type of gestation, it is possible that it occurs again and makes it difficult to conceive the normal one. 

  • Tubal surgery

There are times when one does undergo surgery to ensure the damaged fallopian tube is well managed and this too increases the chances of such type of gestation. 

  • Smoking

If a female is a constant smoker, she needs to restrict the use. Constant use of tobacco is likely to trigger the conditions. 

  • Choice of birth control measures

The chances of conceiving after placing IUD are rare. If such a pregnancy occurs, one needs to consider seeking guidance as most of the time it is likely to grow outside the uterus.

Though there is no such treatment that can help to correct ectopic pregnancy, knowing it prior helps to ensure the measures can be followed.

Also, once such a type of gestation occurs, it becomes necessary to know the right therapy to avoid further damage caused to the tube.