Written by Anya Charlotte
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Anya Charlotte

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Anya Charlotte

Though it is not so rare condition, one needs to consider the visible changes that are experienced. The signs and symptoms diagnosed when one does have those indications it is likely to cause abnormal vaginal bleeding. 

When these problems are diagnosed, it is common to worry about cancer.

Though in a few cases those problem is likely to develop in a later stage one should be aware of the conditions and their treatment. 

What are uterine polyps and what should females know about the same?

Females are unaware of those conditions and it is diagnosed by a team of experts. It is possible that one becomes anxious and worrying is common. If you’re in that position, one of the best ways is to make yourself aware of this condition and its symptoms to know the help that one need to seek. 

While speaking about this problem, they are small tissue growths inside the womb.

Since the growth comes from the endometrium or in the lining of the woman it is defined as an endometrial polyp too. They do vary in size and can be the sesame seed or golf ball size. Sometimes, they have the ability to pass through the cervix into the vagina. 

It is stressful to have this issue, but they are non-cancerous, and not every woman having growth within lining needs to end up having cancer. 

Here are the factors that increase the risk of the same

  • Menopause
  • High blood pressure 
  • Obesity

Diagnosis of the condition 

Women who have fibroids are likely to have heavy bleeding and it is usually accompanied by constipation, difficulty irritating, and pain. Endometrial polyps are diagnosed considering the same method that is used to know about fibroids. Here are different methods that can be chosen.


It is a thin and lighted and flexible telescope inserted in the vagina and uterus to ensure a professional is likely to capture the scenes within your woman. Also, the polyps that are seen can be easily removed while conducting this procedure. 


This is a process wherein the device is used outside your stomach. Simply a gel is squeezed on your stomach and the deceive is slowly moved on your stomach to know the problems inside your uterus. It gives a right view of the alterations that are experienced.  


This is a procedure performed in an operating room. The metal instrument called a curette is used to collect the required samples of tissues and this too functions to remove the excessive growths. 

Endometrial biopsy

When the womb is examined, the professionals use a plastic instrument that is used to take the sample of tissues from the endometrium. The sample is further sent to labs to examine whether the tumor is cancerous or non-cancerous. During the procedure, it becomes easy to remove those obstacles.

A team of professionals is the right people who can guide you about the same.