Written by Anya Charlotte
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Anya Charlotte

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Anya Charlotte

There are certain instances when females wish to know about those moments at the earliest.

Here are the common signs of gestation that women can come across

1. Missed periods

This is the foremost and primary indication that indicates gestation.

Though this symptom alone doesn’t commonly indicate or conclude the news, there are a few others that you should accompany it. The sudden weight gain, stress, and hormonal changes are likely to affect your cycle and cause a few alterations in your body. if you feel you’ve conceived, consider seeking assistance under the guidance of a health care assister.

2. Cramps

Once conception occurs, the fertilized eggs get attached to the uterine lining. This is likely to cause signs of abdominal cramp which is similar to the periods.

Also, this is an indication that is experienced by one during the initial stage. Cramping is usually mild and one should consider seeking assistance if it is accompanied by bleeding.

3. Feeling tired

Fatigue too is usually experienced by females as a sign of pregnancy. The altered levels of progesterone are likely to make one feel tired. Sometimes the change in blood pressure makes one feel lethargic. If you constantly have a sense of low energy, reach out to the professional to seek help considering the fatigue issues.

4. Light bleeding or spotting

Once the eggs get fertilized, a time of 10-14 days is required to let the conception occur. While the implantation takes place, it is common to come across light vaginal bleeding. It should only be mild spotting and nothing more than it. This symptom is accompanied by mild cramps but if the feeling of discomfort gets severe, you might require help.

5. Food craving

Strange food cravings can be experienced by one as a sign of pregnancy. This is just another indication that your hormone levels have changed to assist you conceive and continue with the gestation.

This phase is likely to make one sensitive to certain food smells, while the other fragrances make females crave, food. This indication can be experienced for a few months or throughout the entire gestation. 

6. Bodily changes

The hormonal changes do have the ability to cause certain bodily changes that affect the female’s body. this is likely to promote breast changes and one can come across heavy, sensitive, painful and swollen mammals.

Once the fluctuated levels begin to settle those changes do begin to go away.

7. Unusual bathroom schedule

During the early stage of pregnancy, one is likely to discover an unusual bathroom schedule. As the embryo grows, pressure on the bladder is created resulting in constant trips to the washroom. At times, women are also likely to deal with constipation. Hence, due to the one problem, do not consider any such alteration that triggers another symptom.

This is a crucial period and considering utmost care during this period is necessary.