Written by Hanna Beka
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Hanna Beka

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Hanna Beka

Further, there are certain instances when women are avoiding to continue with the gestation. People simply can choose to look for birth control measures and this is likely to assist one manage the condition effectively.

Different types of birth control measures can be chosen and the common ones that should be known include,

Barrier birth control measures

As the name says, it is categorized depending upon its ability to block the sperm from reaching the eggs. The option concerning the same is a condom as this is durable and protects one against STDs. There are a few other options such as a cervical shield, cervical cap, and diaphragm that help to avoid the situation such as gestation. Creams, gels, and foams can be used along with other remedies to increase the chances of avoiding such circumstances.

Vaginal contraception

This is a type of remedy that is inserted into the vagina before engaging in sexual intimacy. This medicine does have the ability to create an environment for the sperms that are not suitable. It blocks the fertilization process and those therapies are made available in various forms such as suppository, cream, jelly, tablet, or dissolvable film. The basic function of those therapies is to ensure the pH level during intimacy is maintained. Whenever women engage in love-making moments the pH levels are developed and they allow the sperms to move towards the reproducing canal. Once the acid level is taken care of the matting doesn’t occur and proves to be beneficial for women.

Emergency contraceptive

This is not a regular form of birth control measure that can be used by females. It is used only if a woman does indulge in unprotected sexual intimacy.  Those who end up landing in pregnancy without any precautions are recommended to consider the use of emergency contraceptive pills. They are also known as the morning after the pill and they are to be consumed within 72 hours of engaging in the sessions.


An intrauterine device is a small device that is inserted into the genitals with the help of a nurse or doctor to prevent pregnancy. Though this is a bit uncomfortable process, one can experience it is the quickest and simplest method that helps to avoid pregnancy.  Once it is placed in the body, it protects from gestation for a long time. They’re about 99.9% effective and ensure the unwanted circumstances can be avoided.

While the mentioned are the right measures, there are certain tips that one needs to follow.

1. Store it right

Light and heat do affect birth control measures and hence, one is recommended to store the medicines at the right temperature.

2. Follow the right advices

It becomes necessary that one does follow the instructions and advice that help to ensure the remedies function in their full capacity.