Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

Premenstrual syndrome affects women before the periods occur. Headaches, depression, anxiety, and fatigue are the few common symptoms that affect women during the PMS period. 

Though this is common, there are few remedies that can help you feel relieved from those symptoms. 

Increase the intake of calcium

A variety of supplements help to minimize the Premenstrual symptoms. Yet, the consumption of calcium has proved to provide therapeutic benefits. As per the research and studies, it is concluded that the intake of calcium has significantly shown a reduced risk of PMS. Females are recommended to consume atleast 4 servings of calcium to fill the requirements. One can include dairy products, almonds, and leafy vegetables as a great option to fill the deficiency in your body. 


You heard it right! Exercise is one of the beneficial methods to improve Premenstrual symptoms. Regularly indulging in aerobic exercises such as swimming, jogging, and brisk walking helps to release the necessary chemicals that boost your mood and have a positive impact on your energy and sleep. Hence, engaging in exercises has few benefits and this can assist well to improve the symptoms.  

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is considered one of the relaxing remedies to minimize the severity of the symptoms. The effects are not yet validated, yet they benefit certain women and are safe. Also, you need to know the right trick that can benefit you.

At times, the massages might trigger the wrong nerve. Hence, seek assistance from an expert. 

Stress management

PMS symptoms are likely to affect mental and physical health. Due to mixed hormones, females are likely to experience stress. One of the best methods to manage stress is to perform a few exercises, express emotions, and prioritize what you need. You can as well take up a few other activities such as listening to music, cooking food, or getting into any activity that helps to relax and unwind. 


One of the most important factors that can be considered to improvise Premenstrual symptoms is diet. Women with Premenstrual symptoms need to limit their consumption of sugar. Additionally, one needs to ensure that complex carbohydrates are included in the diet. To get the added benefits, women need to eliminate their sodium intake. The restricted consumption of sodium helps to reduce breast swelling, water retention, and bloating. 

Also, women can experience less irritation if they refrain the consumption of caffeine.

Well, PMS is not an issue, those are the symptoms indicating the arrival of the periods. Small lifestyle changes help you to improve the symptoms.

Knowing the pattern of the symptoms helps to start or manage those impacts. You can consider a little extra effort for self-care and rest when you come across those symptoms. If you feel the symptoms or effects are causing much problem, seek advice from an expert.