Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

Pregnancy ofcourse brings happiness in life, but one needs to consider learning the right measures and timing to conceive. Well, similarly women need to know the factors that influence the measures protecting against gestation.

Here are the factors that affect the tablets consumed to block gestation.

1. Bad timing

Timing matters the most. Whether you’re conceiving or are planning to get rid of the gestation, you need to ensure the things are done on time. Hence, females are recommended to use those remedies daily at the same time to improve their condition. If you are irregular with the consumption or forget to take the tablet at the same time or miss the dose, it is common to experience the drawback rather than effective results.

2. Forgetting can make the remedy fail

Forgetting consumption is one of the reasons behind the failure of contraceptives. Hence, birth control remedies should be consumed every day. Consumption of this remedy is likely to increase the reduce the chances of pregnancy. In case if you fail, the chances of conceiving increase, leading to make other choices.

Hence, you can either set the alarm or maintain notes wherein you remember to consume contraceptive pills on a regular basis.

3. Digestive disorder

People having an inflammatory disorder or digestive disorder need to know the use of contraceptive measures is not completely absorbed by the body. Anything that interferes with the ability of the body to absorb the hormones or increase the metabolism rate is likely to reduce the effectiveness of the birth control pills. Also, if you have severe diarrhea and vomiting, it is likely to affect the absorption and hence, if you puke soon after the administration, consider following other methods to avoid the unwished situation.

4. Food

Certain habits are included in our diet and are likely to affect the function of the oral method. Usually, common food such as soy, licorice, and dairy products can affect the functions of birth control medicines. Besides, if one does end up landing in the problem due to food consumption, you need to restrict the consumption for a period while you’re on the tablets.

5. Cigarettes

Cigarettes usually contain nicotine and are likely to combine with contraceptive pills. The combination is likely to increase the chances of heart stroke and heart attack by accelerating the blood pressure and heart rate. The consumption of birth control tablets is likely to cause more stress on the vessels due to the increase of estrogen.

6. Storage too matters the most

Storing contraceptive pills safely should never be neglected. It becomes necessary that one stores the remedies safely in a tight container or box to ensure the medicines work effectively.

Different birth control methods can be chosen by one. Hence, women need to know about the available remedies that influence the effective function of the pill.