Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

This ultimately is likely to result in pregnancy. In order to avoid complications, women can choose to use morning after the pill within 72 hours. 

Emergency contraceptive remedies are the rescue remedies that can be chosen to avoid gestation. Usually, people do misunderstand this therapy with other combinations.

Hence, females need to know about certain morning-after-the-pill facts. 

They work effectively if used correctly

The function of this remedy is to work by blocking the matting of sperm and eggs. Once women do engage in lovemaking moments and forget to follow any measures that prevent pregnancy is recommended to consider the use of these birth control measures. Such therapies can function within 72 hours of having intercourse. Ensuring you do use it earliest is the best option that declines the chances of conceiving. 

They’re designed for emergencies

This remedy therapy is not to be used as a primary conception. This is a last minute solution that can be chosen to improve the circumstances. The emergency contraceptive is not to be used on a regular basis. Hence, the consumption can be done only when you end up not using any of the solutions that help to refrain the gestation. 

The morning after the pill does have a higher amount of progesterone and hence, one needs to consider using it correctly. Administrating every now and then is not needed.

They don’t protect you against STDs

Women who end up engaging with multiple partners do have a risk of developing STDs. This disorder can be prevented by not engaging with various partners. Also, choosing the right method to avoid conception plays an important role. The consumption of this medicine doesn’t protect you from STDs.

They have certain negative impacts

The consumption of these birth control tablets is likely to cause a negative impact on health. Though it helps to prevent conception, the side effects are likely to affect your health.

One dealing with such an ailment needs to know the basic withdrawal effects such as nausea, irregular periods, headaches, and stomach aches. 

Once you consume morning after the pill, and experience vomiting within 3 hours of usage, one needs to consider using another tablet to avoid the complication. 

They are not abortion pills

Usually, people do have a query that the use of emergences contraceptive tablets is similar to abortion pills. Well, they are not because they do only have a tendency to block the gestation and not terminate the growing pregnancy. As it is used post-sexual intimacy, one needs to understand it blocks the sperms to avoid the occurrence of pregnancy. This is a pill that can be used even before ovulation begins to ensure the conceiving process is blocked. 

Morning after the pill is one of the best methods to avoid unwanted gestation. Knowing the right facts and the reasons allow to understand the recommended use.