Written by Mike George
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Mike George

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Mike George

Several reasons delay the monthly cycle, yet few do not have the right idea that describes the link between irregular cycles and pregnancy.

Know about the periods

When it comes to menstruation, people are always confused about the terms. The length of the cycle differs monthly depending upon a few factors such as stress, meds that you use for underlying conditions, and physical or mental health. Usually, the hormone levels are the one that decides about menstruation in women. The window when you do not bleed is defined as a cycle and it differs from 24-38 days. 

If one does fail to have menstruation after this period, it is categorized as asymmetrical and this condition does occur due to certain underlying factors. 

Know the influence on pregnancy

When the cycle is improper, it becomes difficult for one to gauge about the ovulation period and unless it is known, planning the intimate moments to conceive becomes a bit difficult. Also, due to the irregularity, the chances are decreased. Yet different medical treatments can be considered to improve the possibilities. 

Here are the reasons that influence gestation and menstrual periods

1. Hormonal imbalance

The different hormone disorder is likely to affect the ovulation process. One of the most heard and known complications, PCOS interferes with the development of eggs. There are different medicines recommended to women to ensure they can conceive. Besides, hormonal contraceptives too are directed to ease the signs and symptoms.

There are a few other issues that affect gestation such as thyroid disorder, diabetes, and a few other measures. Hence, one needs to consider choosing the right therapy that helps to improve the levels. 

2. Premature ovarian insufficiency

This is a problem wherein the production of eggs in the body is stopped. When such circumstances occur, having menstruation or conceiving becomes difficult. At times the conditions such as ovarian or uterine cancer, or ovarian cyst make it difficult for the females to manage the bleeding.

While enough problems are occurring, seeking help when one does come across the irregularity becomes necessary. 

How to improve the chances of pregnancy even after having unbalanced periods?

Quit certain habits

The instances such as constant smoking, too much consumption of liquor, and not engaging in exercise are common problems that need to be managed well. There are a few other things that can be considered by women and include,  

Monitoring the vaginal fluids

This is also denoted as cervical fluid and when a woman ovulates it becomes watery and consistency is thick. Before ovulation occurs if one does come across those signs and symptoms, engaging in intimate moments proves to be beneficial. 

Using a home ovulation monitor

This device helps to understand the alleviated levels of hormones. When females do come across increased levels of hormones, planning intercourse during this period helps them to conceive smoothly. 

An irregular period is an indication that ovulation cannot be gauged when needed, therefore, one needs to know this is likely to affect the conceiving procedure too.