Written by Mathew Forster
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Mathew Forster

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Mathew Forster

Bacterial and yeast infections are two factors that are experienced and should be taken care of. Genitals are the most sensitive parts when it comes to intimate moments and this is something that should be taken care of. While there are number of contaminants, one needs to consider choosing the right therapy that helps to manage the conditions without causing any problems. 

Here is the difference between both the conditions 

There is a minor difference

Bacterial vaginosis is caused due to overgrowth of microbes and yeast occurs due to fungus. Both conditions are curable and can be well managed with the help of the right therapies during the early stage. Yet, they are type of vaginitis and occur due to the excessive growth of microorganisms. At times, these indications disturb the pH level and make it difficult to deal with the condition. 

Know about the signs and symptoms

The confusing symptom wherein one comes across a burning sensation while having urination is common, and this is likely to occur when either of the condition occurs. Besides, if one does have a yeast infection, a burning sensation while engaging in sexual intimacy too continues.  Besides, one dealing with bacterial conditions do not come across the indications such as redness or inflammation in the genitals.

The other condition often defines its presence with the help of signs such as redness and inflammation around the genitals. Therefore, consider knowing about the signs and symptoms that appear to be abnormal or don’t let one feel comfortable.

Change in discharge

Any genital issues that occur are likely to affect your discharge and this is something that one should know about. Women who have bacterial vaginosis are likely to come across thin white, greenish or yellow discharge, accompanied by a fishy and unusual odor.

While one dealing with a yeast infection can experience thick and clumpy releases from the vagina. The odor may or may not change, hence, be alert about the changes that are experienced. 

Different therapies

As mentioned, both conditions are different, there are varied remedies that can be considered by one. It becomes necessary to know the uniqueness and then consider treating both ailments without worrying much. While bacterial contamination is managed with the help of antibiotics, yeast infection is well managed with the help of antifungal remedies. Considering natural remedies prove to be beneficial, but only if these condition occurs during the primary stage. If you’re experiencing it for a longer period, consider seeking assistance to improve the issue. 

It becomes necessary that women do have an idea about the difference between two ailments that possess similar symptoms.