Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

There are ample of reasons behind stopped menstruation. Whenever such conditions occur, women need to consider waiting for a period and then the right remedies can be followed to promote menstruation.

Here are the reasons, why women might experience delayed periods.

Obesity and overweight

Women who are overweight or have an obesity problem are likely to experience health issues. The period delays are one of the major problems experienced by one who deals with such issues. Your weight plays an important role in your hormonal balance. Excessive weight is a problem that makes it difficult for the ovaries to function normally and affects your cycle. Hence, if you’re one having obesity, you need to consider shedding some pounds and indulge in certain exercises that promote menstruation and improves your health.

Use of contraceptive pills

Though the consumption of contraceptive pills helps to regularize the menstrual cycle, once the consumption is stopped, it is likely to promote delayed periods. The contraceptive pills consist, progesterone hormones and they’re likely to affect the cycle and delay them. Hence, whenever you start or stop the use of those contraceptive pills, you need to consider seeking assistance to avoid such complications.

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Today, a large number of females experience this problem, and one needs to consider seeking assistance to know the core problems such as PCOS. PCOS is a problem wherein one becomes unable to release the eggs which clearly means, the ovulation process doesn’t occur. This is common and there are certain natural remedies as well medical treatments available to assist you with the improvement in your conditions. With the assistance and improvement in the core problems, one can experience improvement in their menstrual cycle.


One of the major problems that affect your health is stress. It not only delays the cycle, but has the ability to hamper the length too. Hence, you can try to avoid getting into the activities that affect and is likely to delay menstruation. Consider practicing exercise or get into activities that are likely to decline your stress and make you feel better. Avoiding stress helps to ensure the delayed periods can be well managed and one can experience the maintained track of it.

Sudden weight loss

The constant fluctuation in weight affects your health in a long run. One dealing with sudden weight loss issues is likely to suffer the most. Females with such problems can experience delayed menstrual periods, besides the length of the bleeding is too light and shortened. Hence, one needs to ensure the intake of calories is improved to keep ovulation on track. If you have a sudden fluctuation in weight, you need to consult a team of experts and know the reason behind it. Once you begin to maintain the right weight, you can experience improvement in your periods.

Many other causes or reasons contribute to delayed periods or menstruation. One needs to reach the core of the problem and choose the relevant method that improves your health and cycles.