Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

As said, there are various tasks or duties to perform, one of the toughest tasks is breastfeeding. No one in this world can help you right with nursing techniques.

While hearing the word seems to be one of the simplest tasks, the reality is different than your expectation. 

 Here are the few things that females are recommended to know about the breastfeeding

1. It hurts

Usually, people say, ‘it’s easy, doesn’t hurt much’, but it does. Especially during the initial or first few days, latching seems a problematic task. Rather than singing lullabies and gazing at your cute new-born, you will find yourself gritting your teeth and taking a few breaths. Additionally, it will constantly continue hurting for the rest of the time even if you’re not feeding. 

 2. One bad latch and you will be injured

As you’re new to motherhood, the chances that you might end up doing something wrong is possible. If you don’t correctly latch the baby, your nipples will hurt. During the initial period, you need to constantly feed your infant every 2 hours. This period is not enough to allow your nipples to heal. The constant problem might require one to use pumps. 

3. Initially, breastfeeding requires 3-4 hands

Have you been to a restaurant and seen how beautifully a mother feeds an infant in presence of so many people, and you’re messy feeding your lovely baby at your home?

During the initial days, do not expect that you will be pro-feeding your infant. For the first few days, you might require a hand or two or three to feed. As soon as you improve, you can easily breastfeed without any help. 

4. Its affects emotionally and physically

There are times when a mother might not be able to breastfeed the child. She might have to pump the milk or choose a secondary option for breastfeeding. While such instances occur, women get affected emotionally. If a woman is unable to feed the infant physically, it doesn’t let them connect and the irritation continues to persist.

Similarly, too much lactation too drains the mother physically. Hence, one needs to ensure certain steps are implemented to avoid the mental and physical drain. 

5. Be patient

Everyone’s new at it. You and your baby are learning and you might require a certain time to adapt the techniques. Additionally, this process becomes easy as your kid grows. 

Breastfeeding is definitely a task for a new mother, but during the initial days seek assistance to learn the right way. Your nipples might get hurt or you might end up getting irritated with the process.

Your lactation consultant or the experienced can help you know the right method that can help you throughout the nursing process.