Written by Anya Charlotte
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Anya Charlotte

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Anya Charlotte

The stage begins with menstrual periods and ends with menopause. While speaking about the last stage, menopause, one must know the reason behind the invention of this word. In Greek, ‘mens’ is defined as monthly, while ‘pause’ means cessation. Altogether it directs toward the full stop on reproductive life because of the loss of ovarian activity.

This is a natural aging process and it is likely to occur in women between 45-55 years. 

Estrogen levels influencing women’s health

Besides affecting reproductive function, hormones do play the foremost role in women’s health. Estrogen is necessary and influences the regeneration procedure by the process of formation and resorption. Usually, the loss of estrogen influences the increased rate of bone remodelling and spikes up the chances of fractures. 

Here’s how the hormones affect the well-being of females

  • The deficiency of estrogen is likely to cause dryness and can experience more facial hair as compared to the scalp. 
  • It does impact the cholesterol levels due to which HDL or good cholesterols are accelerated. 
  • It affects the neuroprotective action of the brain and influences the conditions such as Alzheimer’s disorder. 
  • When a female enters the menopause period, the fluctuating hormones are likely to make it difficult for her to continue hassle-free activities. 

Here are the tips that prepares you while entering this phase

Watch your diet

Enjoying a diet that is healthy, low in fats and simple carbohydrates is a part of a healthy lifestyle. It should contain vegetables, nuts, fruits, whole grain foods, and omega-3 fatty acids which ensures your heart health is maintained. 

Let your mind relax

Different thoughts occur and are likely to affect your mind. It becomes mandatory that females take up certain activities that help their minds to relax and concentrate on necessary activities. The activities such as meditation or adopting a new language are the basic methods that help to prevent memory and mood variation to avoid stress. 


Most of people who land in any problem or have any major disorder are recommended to start with exercise. This is one of the best methods that help to improve the conditions in a smoother manner. Women who are preparing for the menopause period are asked to engage in pelvic muscle strength. Those exercises are likely to make the bones and muscles strong. 

Maintain weight

While you’re entering the new phase, you must know it does affect metabolism. It slowdowns when females do enter this stage and make it easy for one to gain some pounds.

The chances of osteoporosis and arthritis only persist if one is obese.

Get the daily dose of vitamin D and calcium

The bones and muscles are the part of the body that gets affected drastically and ensuring one do ingest enough Vitamin D and calcium becomes necessary. This stuff is likely to promote the health of bones and muscles.