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Written by Anya Charlotte

It becomes really difficult for one to deal with an unplanned pregnancy and therefore, knowing about the uses of those tablets becomes necessary. 

Pros of using the birth control tablets

Makes the periods regular and lighter

The consumption of those remedies is likely to improve certain problems. The periods experienced before ingesting those therapies are likely to be painful and hamper the regular chores. Once you get on those birth control medicines, it does affect the menstrual cycle and this helps one to manage the painful effects. Though this is not the only method to deal with the regular and lighter period and can be used by one who is sexually active and after seeking approvals from the team of an expert. 

The chances of ovarian cancer are reduced

There are number of compilations that hamper the reproductive health of women and therefore it becomes necessary that one does follow the right measures to deal with them. Ovarian cancer, uterine complications, and many other problems are experienced and therefore, one needs to know the consumption of contraceptive pills declines the chances and this can be taken care of. 

Decreases cramps and acne

The hormonal changes that affect your body do have the ability to cause acne. Those can be taken care of with the help of tablets. The consumption of birth control pills does have the ability to influence cramps and acne. The cramps that occur do make it difficult for women to manage their periods, while the skin complications too increases. Therefore, females need to know certain alterations done by the medicines prove to be beneficial for the health of the people. 

Cons of using these therapy

Don’t skip it

As mentioned, these are oral remedies, one needs to ensure they are been consumed on a regular basis. Missing the consumption for a day or two does hamper health in the long run. Therefore, do consider maintaining a reminder or setting an alarm for the same. This helps to look into that the consumption is not skipped. 

Doesn’t protect against any STIs

STIs are only transmitted when you come in contact with the person having the chance of having a disorder. It becomes necessary that one does know about the therapies that can be considered to improve the disorder. STIs can be avoided with the help other preventive measures. 

One with certain conditions shouldn’t use

There are certain elements or working ingredients in the contraceptive pills that women might be allergic to and those should be known before considering their consumption. Hence, before you include the use of therapies, check under the guidance of an expert whether you’re eligible to use them or not.