Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

Certain gadgets and medicines are made available to people to ensure such instances can be avoided. Well, usually, the condom is the effective and reliable last-moment solution chosen. Yet, there are certain conditions such as a broken condom or tear in a condom that increases the chances of pregnancy.

During such a period, females are recommended to choose the remedies such as IUD that aid to avoid pregnancy without any complications.

Before you start using those devices, here are a few things that you need to know.

1. This affects your cycle in a good manner

A lot of females experience excessive pain and cramps during the menstrual flow. This is a time when the pain and cramps are such strong that they seem to interfere with regular activities. The placement of an intrauterine device is likely to release the progestin hormones that reduce the heavy blood flow and cramping.

There are atleast 20% of women who experience these problems and they have reported the subside in those symptoms.

2. The chances of accidental pregnancy declines

Whether you’re considering the use of hormonal IUDs or non-hormonal IUDs, they’re 99% effective to reduce the chances of pregnancy. This is one of the reliable and relevant methods that can be chosen to improve the conditions.

3. You can embrace the moments

Intimacy is spontaneous and there are less chances that you remember to take a pill.

Of course, you’re supposed to use other contraceptive methods such as condoms, but being concerned about the STD status, considering the use of an IUD can provide you protection whenever needed. Also, you do not have to give a second thought when it comes to enjoying the movements.

4. It doesn’t affect your sexual drive

Whenever Intra Uterine Device is placed, you need to understand there are two different types- hormonal and non-hormonal. Both these types of contraceptives are capable to aid women in protecting against unwished gestation. The sexual drive doesn’t get affected post using any such remedy. Instead, you’re not likely to experience any change in your sexual drive.

5. Post sex- bleeding might be experienced

Few women experience bleeding post engaging in sex. Especially the females who use hormonal IUD are likely to experience it, though it is a bit uncommon. The endometrial lining within your uterus sheds every month and if the lining is thin, there are chances one might shed a bit during or post sex. Hence, one needs to consider seeking assistance to ensure any such instances can be avoided.

6. No position is right or wrong

Everybody is different and Intra Uterine Device is placed in a manner that it fits the uterus. Hence, whenever you’re engaging in sexual sessions, you do not have to worry about its positions. Usually, the position doesn’t get affected. If you feel uncomfortable, you can seek assistance to check the position of the device within your body.

There are always a few myths and facts that evolve. One needs to simply look for the right source and fact that helps to debunk the truths.