Written by Hanna Beka
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Hanna Beka

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Hanna Beka

There is nothing secret, age does influence the risk, yet the news is one can conceive smoothly. 

Women at different phases do end up conceiving, but knowing about fertility becomes necessary. 

In your 20s

Females during this period do have less complications and getting pregnant becomes easy. At this stage, there are risks as well as benefits. The benefit is, there is minimal risk of miscarriage. The risks include premature delivery and preeclampsia, which can be experienced by one. As mentioned, there is a lower risk to the health of mother and infant, this is the safest stage to continue and enjoy motherhood. 

In your 30s

During this stage, fertility is decreased by 15-20% and hence, one needs to take care of the health when it comes to getting pregnant. Though the financial security during this period is more, the declined chances of productiveness make women try more as compared to the ones during the 20s.

This is a stage when the egg quality begins to decline and hence the possibility that a baby with down syndrome or chromosomal abnormality is born persists. Usually, one who tries to get pregnant is on contraceptive pills. Hence, they’re guided to plan accordingly and then consider taking steps.  The help can be sought from a professional if you’re trying for six months and still are unable to conclude any results. 

In your 40’s 

The chances of conceiving during this period reduces every month by 2-3%. Till this stage, the health of females might go for a toss, and therefore seeking help and then planning the gestation becomes necessary. Also, the cases of stillbirth or miscarriage during this period are increased, and one needs to be careful with all the factors. Usually, the chances of normal delivery are less, so being prepared for C-section becomes necessary. To ensure one does get pregnant at this phase is minimal and therefore, the options such as yoga, exercises, and meditation can assist females. 

If those natural remedies do not work for you, considering the options such as IVF is the best. Sometimes, females do end up freezing eggs and they’re used further for a procedure to ensure the pregnancy can be accomplished when needed. 

Fertility issues are likely to occur in women. Some different methods and problems can be experienced by one, yet various treatments can be chosen to manage those complications. Also, there are times when complications arise due to the partner.

Therefore, females are guided to choose to get tested and know the existing problems that can influence those problems. If your partner is the one with the difficulties, different techniques can be considered to manage the problems.