Written by Christy Jennings
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Christy Jennings

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Christy Jennings

Menstruation is one of the essential processes that one should be concerned about. While you’re on your period, it becomes necessary that one does have an access to safer and good menstrual hygiene practices. 

Not giving attention to menstrual periods or hygiene is likely to create room for the growth of bacteria and germs.

Here are a few measures that are to be taken care of and allow one to stay happier during menstruation. 

Keeping the genitals clean

Similar to any other body part, it becomes necessary that one keeps the vaginal area clean. Your intimate area should be cleaned properly and this is something that one should be concerned about. Usually, people do have a habit of washing from back to front and this is bothersome. One needs to know this action can make vulnerable to bacteria and infections. Hence, one needs to ensure while cleaning, you do wipe from front to back and not vice versa. Also, do try wearing clean cotton underwear while you’ve periods. 

Disposing tampons and sanitary pads properly

Most females who have menstruation have a minimal idea about disposing of tampons or sanitary pads. The used materials do have the ability to spread infection and therefore, one needs to know the basics about the same. Ensure that the flushing in the toilet as it blocks it. Also, once, you follow the right measures and instructions of disposing the sanitary napkins, you need to wash your hands with soap and water. 

Change the menstrual cups or tampons when needed

Periods bleeding is something that leaves your body and gets contaminated with organisms and sweat. The bacteria continue to grow and are likely to promote urinary tract infections, skin rashes, or vaginal infections. One needs to be aware that the tampons are inserted properly. Women need to know it is changed every 4-6 hours and females using menstrual cups are asked to wash them properly. 

Avoid chemical-infused products

Most females know, the vagina is a self-cleansing organ and it becomes necessary that douching your genitals is not a great idea. Using products that are rich in chemicals does have the ability to cause an infection. Cleaning your private parts constantly with the help of those chemicals proves to be harmful to your health. 

Don’t forget to take a shower

Periods are likely to make you feel irritated and it becomes necessary that one does enjoy taking showers. This is likely to make you feel relaxed, prevent infection, and be fresh. Also, the unpleasant odor is likely to go away after the washes. 

Following basic hygiene, methods are likely to aid you feel relieved from the complications.

It becomes necessary that one does have access to the right and reliable information to be followed during this period.