Written by Allen Walker
Reviewed by Womenrx.org
Allen Walker

Reviewed by Womenrx.org

Written by Allen Walker

The decision or reasons differ depending on certain instances in the life of a woman. Here are the common reasons that make most female arrive at such decisions. 

Financial stability

Women or couples who are not economically stable need to consider getting rid of the pregnancy. When it comes to growing or nurturing an infant, there are ample of factors to be considered.

The growing stage, the school fees, and other expenses make one re-consider whether to continue or discontinue the pregnancy. 

Relationship problems

Numerous times, we do end up landing in the problem wherein the relations are not on track. It’s either the couple experiencing their problems or having conflicts with each other. Also, there are situations wherein the parents want to get divorced and the mother might not want to continue with the pregnancy. When any of the mentioned conditions occur, most females prefer to choose termination option. 

Existing ailments

Though you’re young, you need to understand the existing ailments that you have, affects your pregnancy. A lot of time, in certain cases, women are suggested to avoid conceiving. If the ailment you have doesn’t allow you to continue with the pregnancy, you need to consider miscarriage or abortion options. If the disorder you have allows you to carry the pregnancy, be careful and do not miss to keep the track of the improvements and consequences. 

Not ready for the pregnancy

Parenting is not easy. It’s a stage wherein one needs to consider various factors. Sometimes, the couple is frightened to lose their personal space, and other times the financial stability might not permit it. If any one parent is not ready to have the child, it’s fine to consider the options such as termination. If you find yourself in a situation wherein, you’re confused, seek guidance from a counselor or talk to your friends and family. 

Already having kids

Well, planning is always necessary. Hence, when it comes to family planning, one needs to know when to stop. Consequently, the women who already have kids, and don’t want to have more consider the other options.

Ofcourse, this is neither a right nor wrong decision, depending upon the situation and the family conditions, women might have to consider abortion as an option. 

Influenced by people

The people who surround you, cause a positive or negative impact on your decision. Hence, when you discuss pregnancy or miscarriages, talk to the person whom you trust the most. If you’re in the middle of making a decision and something doesn’t sound good, seek help. The reasons behind abortion differ depending upon the individual’s condition.

Any person, family, or friends can suggest females, but in the end, it’s the decision of the woman. Moreover, it’s your reproductive organ and the decisions too should be yours.