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Written by Mike George

To embrace the small moments of being a mother, one should know about the process that is likely to lead you there-pregnancy. 

Once you conceive your body goes through multiple problems and this is something that should be taken care of. Have you ever heard of a change in urine color due to gestation? Well, this is not a problem, but should be taken care of during the initial stage. The change can be noticed from light yellow to darker. Numerous factors influence those alterations and one needs to know about them.

Can the difference in urine color be noticed during gestation?

Normally, it ranges between yellow to transparent. But those who conceive are likely to come across visible variations. It can be anywhere from yellow to orange-yellow shade and this is something that one should consider. Urochrome also known as urobilin is an element that renders the color of discharge from the body.

As soon as hemoglobin breaks from dead erythrocytes, urobilin is formed. The body requires enough hydration to ensure the excretion is diluted and the concentration of urochrome is minimized. The mixture aids one to experience the lighter shade. 

In absence of hydration, it is common to experience a change and this is one of 

the reasons behind experiencing it after you conceive. Pregnancy has a certain effect on the kidney and the consumption of vitamins and other supplements are likely to impact your body. Hence, women who have gestation are likely to come across the changed color of urine.

Why is this experienced?

Here are the reasons that cause those alterations and one needs to be aware of them such as, 

  • Medicines and vitamins ingested during this period
  • Change in diet
  • Dehydration
  • UTIs
  • Urinary bladder infections
  • Kidney stone
  • Hematuria

How to analyze those modifications during gestation?

One can consider a urine-based home pregnancy test kit to check those alterations. After conceiving it is possible to experience accelerated HCG levels in the body and this is something that lets one conclude about the abrupt increase in the HCG levels. 

The tests are the best method that assists one to know about the same. It becomes easy to diagnose other conditions that hamper health.  Well, the change in urine color can be due to certain underlying conditions. Most of the time it occurs due to dehydration, hence staying hydrated is the only method that helps to improve the condition. 

Do not panic or feel scared, if the hydration doesn’t work well for you. Seeking help can prove to be beneficial for females.